Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dangit Avril! (part 5?)

Before I saw this picture, I was deciding which of the following topics I would next write about: gratitude, my horse's eye tumour (which is gone now), (the tumour, that is, the eye is fine!), what NOT to include in Horse For Sale ads, or some hilarious high fashion pictures.  Or maybe another post on how gnarly my truck is but I love it and whether that's good or bad.  But like I said, I saw THIS.

Chad & Avril.  
Chavril, if you wish.

My new favourite celebrity couple.

(Not my favourite musicians necessarily, I just think they're pretty cute together and hope they have a long happy marriage with lots of arguments over where to put the swingset in the backyard and how much AutoTune is really too much and who left the mess of guitar strings ends all over the coffee table and whose turn it is to clean the toilet in the home studio which is IN A BARN (and Heidi is jealous) and eat dinner and watch the news and all is well.)

Now before we go any further, I think I'm stealing this picture, so in hopes of apology please go to the awesome site I took it from - Go Fug Yourself - because it's one of my favourites.  Go scroll around and click all the links just in case they get paid for that and the Girls can make a living looking at pictures of what the Famouses are wearing and write funny stuff about it.  In fact, read what they wrote about Chad and Avril because it's just great.  

So why did this picture change the course of my afternoon for half an hour, you might be wondering.


You know how in my own strange little world I've invented this whole scenario where Avril is secretly (totally, like) spying on me?  And keeps showing up wearing things I'd love to wear except that I only get to dress up once a year, which is a lot more than I would if I hadn't married the Canadian Music Industry?  Because otherwise I'd be in barn boots every day?  And I haven't dyed my hair pink in about four years but I delusionally insist that she got the idea from me??????

Okay, people?  That outfit there?


If it's FLANNEL then we know FOR SURE.  


dawn said...

HAHA! i love this. And i laughed out loud, for real, about the thermal coverall comments. I just laid out my hand-me-down realtree coveralls in preparation for the bad winter we are expected to have.

Heidi the Hick said...

I can't wait to see Avril in thermal coveralls. Man I hope that happens some day...!!!