Monday, September 30, 2013

Our old barn! Musicians! Lights! Cameras! MUSIC VIDEO!!!!

Yesterday was the most amazing day -- combining some of my favourite things in the world -- our old, crooked, magnificent barn, and ROCKING YOUR FACE OFF.

Also, cameras and lights, and a bunch of very cool people that I enjoyed having on the property for a whole day. What an experience!  I've been saying for years that our barn would make a fantastic location for a music video, with all those dark spooky corners and cobwebs.  It has a special kind of scary lurking in all the cracks and bumps in the walls.  

Courage My Love are hard working and talented band from Kitchener Ontario, and through modern magical connections of social networking they ended up thrashing in the dirt and dust at the Ol Homestead.

How perfect that this band needed a location, a week after my ol man swept up corner the right size for a drum kit and two amps, but before I got around to clearing out all the dramatic and photogenic cobwebs!

My parents got to meet the band and their producer and manager when we all got home from church, and I thought it was so sweet that my mom and dad were all happy about having a drum kit set up in their barn on a Sunday afternoon.  It was so loud you could hear the playback in the house.  The dust was shaking off the beams and the horses were running around outside the corral trying to see what the big noise was all about.  IT WAS AWESOME.   I must have been like a little kid, walking around grinning all afternoon.  And there was my mother, smiling away, "Oh they're all so nice!  Such nice polite friendly people!"  Well she's absolutely right about that.  Those nice kids are going to make her barn look like the most terrifying place on earth. Awwwww!

The bass player set up a nice little display of my various precious artefacts and antiques.  We just went around picking stuff up, the rustier the better, and now I feel pretty smug about my hoarding tendencies. Like all this time I was saving up junk that would some day look creepy and threatening under the right lighting.  Of course.  

On top of that, my daughter was home for the day with two of her fellow photography students.  What a rich experience to be there while a music video was being made. For me it was pure fun, but for my kids, growing up around the recording process, and now going into the media business, it was an extension of their lifelong education.  I was grateful that my kids got observe.

Days like this remind me that things are a little different here at the Ol Homestead.  Our place is crazy.  It's magnetic.  We've got everything.  The neighbours must be accustomed by now to teenagers with cameras running around in wedding dresses and skeleton tights, or gas masks or whatever got into their heads.  Well it got ratcheted up for real, with a villain slinking up the lane beside the barn in the dark, dragging something through the gravel.  (You'll see!!!)

I can hardly wait to see this video.  It'll probably scare the snot outta me.  In that special kind of scary!


Heidi Willis said...

That is just so cool! You have an amazing life!

Auntie said...

Please let us know when this hits YouTube!!

Heidi the Hick said...

I will definitely tell you about it!! We should watch it with my mom! (I'll cover her eyes at the super scary parts ok?)

Yep, there are times when my life is amazing. Really smooths out the crappy parts. The crap pales in comparison to the awesome!

Paul Tee said...

Fantastic scene!

My three sons had a garage band, and they tried to do something in my barn, but had to give up when an infestation of mosquitoes drove them crazy. "Shred your guitars, zappp them with high frequencies..." I told them, but nothing worked. So they moved into the basement and we sat in the living room trying to watch TV at max volume and our feet tickled by the heavy base coming through the floor.

I took a look at Courage My Love and their site was full of music videos with decent numbers of people looking in on them. Hope they make it big. I will be looking for your barn.

Excellent that you had a chance to host the group. It also gave an opportunity for your parents to get hip with the sound. And for your kids... a real happening on the Old Homestead.

Newsflash: the downloads on my Locksmith's Dilemma is going through the roof (well on my scale at least).

Heidi the Hick said...

Paul - book release party in the barn? You have an awesome barn too!!

Your basement jam space is really great; I remember the tour and thinking what a generous dad you are to provide that for them. I loved having a drum kit in our basement but not every parent does.

I don't think my parents are going to be fans but they were definitely amused by the happenings and so positively impressed by the people!

mugwump said...

What fun, to have somebody appreciate your barn like you do!

Heidi the Hick said...


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