Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Young Lady

My first born child is 18 now.  

She used to trot to school and whinny at her teacher.

Now she can drive.

She is well on her way into a promising career in photography.  She's gigging, she's set up for college in the fall, and she's getting to know other people in the photography biz.  

All week she's been on assignment for a music festival, which means she is doing specifically what she plans to do to make a living: taking pictures of musicians!

I am bursting.  

I can't even tell you.

Just overflowing.


Auntie said...

She is beautiful inside and out ... and she puts the "great" into great-niece!! Lots of love and best wishes for a wonderful future in photography!

Paul Tee said...

Nice to see the youn'uns grow up and strike out on their own. It's exciting and a bit scary.

With my three boys, I had to resist the temptation to send them out in a protective bubble, though I knew they're going to be all right.

Congratulation to the Young Lady and to both parents, of course.

Heidi Willis said...

Amazing. You've raised great kids, and you should be proud - not only of them, but of yourself.

And photographing musicians? Could a job be any better than that?? :)

Laura Crum said...

That's really lovely. I am hoping to feel exactly the same when my little boy is 18. Congratulations to both you and your daughter!