Saturday, May 26, 2012

My truck has officially been renamed. She is now... The Honey Badger!

This truck will always be the Mother Trucker.  But a few weeks ago we were on our way to the dump and discussing how it's both liberating and embarrassing to drive something this gnarly. That's when I said, "It's like the Honey Badger of pickup trucks.  It don't care."

Now if you aren't familiar with the nasty and incredibly hardy little critter, you have to see this video. 

This video contains swarms of stinging insects, snakes, a badger getting bitten by a snake, a snake being eaten by a badger, several swear words and some goofy lisping.  Some viewers may not find it funny.  Others may find increased repetitious utterances of the phrase, "Honey Badger Don't Care."

Yep, crazy nasty badass.

Just don't care.

Come at me.  

Getting stung?  Don't care.  

It's been done.  We just slept if off... got a new door... right back at it...

I was visiting my friend Bechtel the Beef Farmer one day last week.  Of course we had to talk trucks.  It's what we do.  "I gotta do something.  It's costing me hundreds of dollars in gas every month, things are starting to fall apart, and it just doesn't look very professional.  You know?  It doesn't scream, Professional Horseperson" does it?"

He looked it over and drawled, "Yeah but what it does scream at me is, Cowboy."

So there it is.  

The truck that just won't die, the nasty badass that takes a beating and comes back for more.


Auntie said...

That's almost enough to put me off my breakfast but very educational! I checked it on Google too (where I saw the video you had included)and it's impressive and horrifying at the same time (surplus killing?)... that's one mean animal.

dilling said...

honey badger don't give a sh*t. just doesn't care.

Paul Tee said...

Heidi: I stood next to your truck on occasions, and smelled not testosterone or estrogen, but raw horsepower with edges a little burned off and smoking just a little.

I don't know about badgers, you scared me off with mention of snakes, but I know trusty old cars that have become part of my family. We praise them, we rail at them, but hope to hell that they start in deep winter and can claw themselves out of snow.

Heidi Willis said...

Ha! Such a great comparison!!

Trucks that are faithful are worthy of loyalty. And I think Honey Badger is a very apt name for it. :)

I for one will be sad when the truck finally dies for good.

Heidi the Hick said...

Auntie - that is a disgusting video isn't it! Snakes are icky enough but a snake being eaten?? So you can see why I put up a warning!!

Dilling - exactly!!! (good to see you here!!)

Paul - you have witnessed the majesty that is my truck! And we both know how sentimental some us us get about our cars. Which is why I hope your jeep lasts many more years!

Heidi - see this is the thing: you have developed an affection for it and haven't even seen it with your own eyes! You were bummed out after the accident when I thought of just giving up and getting something newer. Sometimes I think this truck could keep on staggering down the road indefinitely which is a result of growing up withy Dad's truck, which has seriously been in the family for 40 years. And it was old already when he got it. But I don't like to think about that. I just keep rationing out the trips to town in order to conserve fuel, repairing the truck when it needs it, and enjoying the beast.

Although it really could use a paint job....