Wednesday, June 06, 2012

What the HECK Johnny! How much more can we take???!!!

He did it AGAIN.  He showed up at an award show gig on the stage unannounced playing guitar like a rockstar and I'm not there.

Okay I'm not mad.  And if I was I could never stay mad.

This gig wasn't with the pale strange creepy friend.  (I'm sure he's very interesting and cool in real life, right?  I mean, Johnny wouldn't hang around with boring/ nasty people, would he?)

This time he got on stage with THE BLACK KEYS for crying out loud!  The really awesome cool band that I took way too long to discover?  THEM.


If you live long enough to be a grown up, and you get very good at a thing that you can get paid to do, and you look for interesting people to get to know, you can do stuff like this.

Plus you could then call yourself an actor/writer/producer/musician/director.  

IF you feel it important to hang a title on yourself.

But seriously, he's been a pirate and a vampire and he's done the Native American thing, and he's a part time surprise rock star, but if he ever plays a cowboy I am finished.


Marni said...

He did play a cowboy... it was a LIZARD cowboy, but hey! (wink)

jules said...

Oh Lord...Johnny as a Cowboy?


Heidi Willis said...

I've missed the Johnny posts. :)

jules said...

Me too Heidi! I miss JOHNNY FRIDAYS!!!

Heidi the Hick said...

I miss Johnny Fridays! I kind of miss regular blogging! I can barely do one a week now.

I'll throw in a Johnny day whenever I can though!

Anonymous said...

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