Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry merry happy happy etc etc....!

Well people, thanks for joining my Christmas blog party, and if you missed it, I'll catch you next year!

I'm going to take a week or so off. I plan on hunkering down with the family and it would be kinda uncool to be blogging when I could be actually interacting with my favourite humans, you know, in real life, in real time.  Keepin' it REAL man!

I've been doing some serious soul searching these past couple weeks, and giving myself a few good pep talks.  Gotta do that sometimes.


-Not everybody (Me) is happy during Christmas... and yes there is a lot of pressure heaped on us, to be and act and do what somebody decided we should act and do and feel.  I think we should be allowed to feel how we feel.  All the time.  So yeah, I feel chafed and scraped by that kind of happiness-conformity.

-Doesn't mean I have to be miserable.

-I'm the only one who gets to decide how miserable I'm going to be.

-The very core of Christmas to me, is good.

-I have family that I love and who love me back.


I hope all of you, each and every one of you, finds something to be blessed with this Christmas.

Be well, be merry!  (Unless you don't wanna be!)

41.  Forty-one.  Forty-ONE.  There's the hill, and I am on my way down the other side.  Should get easier from now on, eh?  hahahahahahahahaaaaa


mugwump said...

I finally started to move forward when I hit my 40's.
Happy BD.

Auntie said...

Happy birthday, Heidi, and Merry Christmas! I will never forget Christmas Day 1970 and being awakened by the ringing of the phone and the good news that you had arrived! It stands out as a very special Christmas. Merry Christmas to everyone at your house!

Paul Tee said...

Well said. We all need pep talks to remind ourself of what's real.

As far as 41 is concerned, you are just coming into your own, you just don't know it fully yet (but I do, having been there and back).

Laura Crum said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday! Just wanted to tell you that I've taken a lot of inspiration from your blog. You're both a talented writer and an uplifting human being. As I mess about cooking things on Xmas Day, I'm gonna remember just how blessed I am to have a family I love that loves me back. Thank you for putting that out there. Hope the coming year is good to you and yours. Oh, and so far 40's and 50's have been much more fun (for me) than 30's.

Bunny said...

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas (belated)!

Heidi the Hick said...


jules said...

Happy Birthday Heidi! I found my 40's only got better and I was actually old enough to appreciate it.