Monday, October 17, 2011

LITTLE HICK IN BIG CITY: My New York City packing list

Pink John Deere hoodie 
This is so important because the hoodie is one of the most versatile and necessary article of clothing.  Also it's pink.  And has a big green and yellow logo on it.  It's my favourite.

John Deere hat
I'll have to pick between the pink one with "I heart JD" or the green one with the logo.

I'd bring this whole totally bitchin' outfit but I don't think it'll be warm enough in Manhattan in October.

I'll just bring the hat.

At Lollapalooza this summer, a guy in the hamburger line up started yelping, "John Deere!" so I turned around like I was answering to my name.  Of course.  Obviously.  

He looked all happy that there was one other sweaty unwashed rock festival attendee who knew what a tractor is.  Wouldn't it be cool if I find a tractor person in New York City!  

Hey it could happen.  I mean it's not impossible.

Check out Bucky and me.  We go to a massive rock concert in our hats: him with his National Wild Turkey Federation and me with my John Deere.  We dress up well for special occasions.

Yoga pants   
Yoga pants, yes.  Yoga, NO.

The Mavi jeans I got for free in a Juno event swag bag 
You think I'd actually buy Mavi jeans?  No thanks.  I'd like to send my kids to college some day. 

Peach Berskerk "I love Johnny Depp" hoodie
The one I ordered when we went to the Juno awards a couple years back.

long sleeve T shirt
Probably the one I got at the Juno awards a couple years back.
What? I get my clothes in four places: the feed mill, the thrift store, the Juno swag bag, and the merch booth at rock concerts.  

T shirts
Ozzy?  Soundgarden?  White Stripes?  Muse?  Ohhhh decisions!

something nice
In case we have enough cash to go somewhere nice.  I have no idea here.

ridiculous high heeled platform slingback black and white gingham shoes
The gingham qualifies them as country-girl-approved.

Sometimes my ears get cold and need to be covered.  Or I have a bad hair thing. Either way.

favourite plaid flannel shirt
Dude, it's plaid, it's flannel, and it's got pink in it.  

I promise I won't walk around with a stick in my teeth.  Promise.  

gotta have one.  My pants dun' stay up without one.  

(You can go ahead and read that line with a hillbilly accent.)

Posh spice shades
So I can pretend I'm somebody important in the lobby of whatever big building we're in.

arm warmers
Like leg warmers only smaller and with thumb holes.  A must have for a writer with cold hands.

Cute rubber boots with horses on them that I got at Canadian Tire
It's just wise to always be sure you can walk through anything.  I'm just saying.  

Running shoes
We'll be doing a lot of walking.  I might run the other way if there's a crowd.  Ready for anything.

flannel jammies
Hey hey, nice little getaway with the husband!  Flannel!  Whoo hoo!

I ain't leaving home without that stuff.  Let's keep the good mood going!

bag, toothbrush, comb
Got thirteen channels of shhhhh.... oh wait, that's a song.  Never mind.

In case a poem falls out of me.  I need to get it written down.

my specs
So I can see what I'm writing down.

Mac White
In case a novel falls out of me.  Also so Jethro can actually prepare his presentation on the plane on the way to the conference.  (It's how he operates.)

books to read
This could really be great.  While he is having long conversations with other recording engineers, I get READING TIME!  Yay!

cotton socks
as in, "rock my cotton socks" because I've had some time to think about it and decided I'm going to make the best of this trip.

Know what else I'm bringing?  The Funny.

Yep, you'll be hearing all about it! Right here!


jules said...
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jules said...

Sorry about that.

I absolutely can't wait to hear all about it!

And I'd go for the pink JD hat, just sayin'. Easier to spot in a crowd.

Travis Erwin said...

Caps are awesome. I took my official author photo while wearing my Bass Pro cap and Gourds t-shirt, but given the fact my debut book is called The Feedstore Chronicles I saw no reason to disguise who I am.

Paul Tee said...

I don't know why I'm packing...

Heidi the Hick said...

You guys are all awesome.