Thursday, January 13, 2011

If you are a writer of fiction, you will understand this.

It's happening again...

Somewhere in the regular work in my day,

between loads of laundry,

trudges through the snow with the Pug,

lugging hay bales,

pushing wheelbarrows full of manure,

sweeping, sweeping, always sweeping,

my Fake People are talking again!

They are having conversations in my head, spontaneously instead of with my prompting.

I'm discovering cool things about my characters and their stories; these things stumped me a year ago.


Now I can leave my silly little one paragraph writing exercises or boring stories I'll never do anything with, and WRITE.

(All I have to do is sit, put down the book I'm reading, and unplug the internet!)

Also... I finally got my 2010 awards done.  Wanna check it out?


Biddie said...

They're back! I hope that they keep talking and you keep telling us what they are saying.

Heidi Willis said...