Friday, January 14, 2011

Awards Show Season Whhooooooo! (Geekin' out on Famous People)

I refuse to be ashamed or embarrassed by my fascination with The Famous.  They're just doing they're job, which is to entertain.  I am being entertained by them.  Therefore, all involved are satisfied.


I kind of HATE IT too.  I'm complicated that way.

I finally finished my 2010 Awards.  I know, 2010 was like, SO two weeks ago.  It was SO last year.  Snort hahaha!  Anyways.  I put a lot of work into it.  Could you just slip over to my other blog and have a read?  I tried to make it funny and there are pictures too.  See, I'm reduced to pleading here.  Help a girl out?


Reasons why:

-Johnny Depp is nominated!

-both movies and TV are awarded, which is kind of weird.  I like it.

-It builds Oscar frenzy

-Johnny Depp has two nominations this year!

-three words: Ricky Gervais hosting.

-Angie might win and lean her head back in a victory cackle, shouting, "The world is mine now, all MINE!"  It would be very dramatic.  Brad would stand back with his new eyebrows-up-unconcerned  face, or maybe his super-cool-other-half-open-collar persona, being all cool yet supportive.  Wouldn't that be great?

...and we'd all laaaaugh about it.

-Johnny will be up against HIMSELF for an award!

I wonder if he'll be happy for himself if he wins.

-Somebody will wear something totally ridiculous, which will set me giggling because I secretly love ridiculous clothes.  Well it's not a secret now...

-The Famous sit at round tables, there is alcohol served, and sometimes they drunkenly stagger to the stage and it reminds us that The Famous are really Just Like Us.

And most of all... a big reason why I love the Golden Globe awards...

-Hopefully an actress will show up in a bright glittery gold dress with an extremely plunging neckline and I can crack jokes about Her Golden Globes.  I know.  I'm totally immature.  C'mon Anna Paquin!  Is she nominated this year?  C'mon Halle Berry!  Sofia Vergara?  Help a girl out here?

And as usual, you don't have to watch it, because I will.  And I will report it... MY WAY.

Also I hear the zodiac chart has been all messed with.  Does this affect my life?  Nope.  I'll always be a stubborn old goat.


Biddie said...

I never watch the awards, I just read whatever you have to say. I like the clothes and the red carpet part, sometimes.
Apparently, I am now a Gemini. Not like the award, either.
It's not changing my life, either.

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