Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globe and Blue Monday

 Yep, I pigged out on awards last night.  Tomorrow I will recap it for you, as only I do.

Today, I'll be at "work" with Jethro, tidying up the studio and, well, his desk.  Wish me luck.

Apparently today is...(dramatic pause)...Blue Monday.  Wasn't that a song by some new wave band in the 80s?  Help me out here?

Somebody determined that today, January 17, is The Most Depressing Day Of They Year.

This kind of bums me out.  Haha.  See what I did there?  Bummed out about a depressing day?  I don't know about this.  I might have to call BS on it.  It's just a day.  If you're going to be depressed, you're not going to pick a day.  I can tell you one thing: right about now I'm totally over Christmas like it never happened, and I've got two more months of winter, then I've got April, which for some reason has been my worst month for the last few years.  I've got snow and cold followed by mud and misery.  So today?  Pffft.  Whatevs man.

If January 17 makes you want to hang around in your room and cry, remember this: today can't last forever.

Besides if you really want something to get all bent over...


No immature "golden globes" jokes! Darnit.

Instead, just Ricky Gervais making a lot of people uncomfortable and Johnny looking fidgety (but gorgeous) and Angelina looking distracted.  Me, on the couch, taking notes.  I wish I was kidding.

fidget squirm adjust squirm fidget.  Like a kid in Gade 4 watching the clock and waiting for the bell to ring.  Poor guy.


Biddie said...

He is all fidgetey like cuz he knows that movie that he did with Angie was garbage. I hate to say it, I love Johnny too (not like you and Kay) but Angie was a bad luck charm for him.
She still makes me skeezy, just looking at her.

Biddie said...

I meant to say that she makes me FEEL skeezey. Lol.
Also, I LOVE Blue Monday. It reminds me of my days at The Vid.

jules said...

OMGosh Heidi! Have you heard Johnny is going to portray Tonto in a new Lone Ranger movie?


How fun! I remember the TV series from growing up.