Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh wow... what a week! (Pick your favourite!)

Honestly I don't know where to start!  It's all so exciting!

One: The most life-changing, amazing thing happened this week.  A new person, a brand new, tiny boy with black hair and beautiful cheeks and tiny little fingernails has joined our world.  And now I'm a GRANDGODMOTHER!  I think that's right, but being Mennonite, I'm not really sure what the deal is with godmothering other than it doesn't actually involve magic wands.

My best friend's daughter had a baby this week.  My best friend is a GRANDMA!  I'm picturing her right now and suddenly realize, holy smokes, for real, SHE is somebody's grandmother!  When I remember her on Wednesday night at the hospital, rocking that baby... yeah she's a grandma all right.

The new mother, KK, was understandably exhausted when I saw her at the hospital.  Poor girl could hardly keep her eyes open.  I remember that feeling too, being numb from the waist down, weak from exertion and dazed.  I also remember holding KK when she was a small baby, and now here she is holding a little carbon copy of herself.  The new father, beaming, handed the baby to me so I could hold him, and I was hit with a flood of emotions.

So yeah, that really is the biggest thing to happen this week.  The tiny boy is a really big event!

 Two:  Some of you may be aware that I wrote a book.  A novel.  I made a bunch of stuff up and spent a few years rewriting it until I thought it was pretty good.  I sent out letters to literary agents two years ago and as a result got proof that I really truly am a writer: I got rejected.  I did some more rewriting and editing.  People I respect and trusted gave it a few reads.  I sent out a few more letters.  And this time... the people who read for a living and could potentially guide me on a career as a writer are reading MY manuscript. I considered not sharing this here, because nothing has been decided.  I'm just a writer with big goals and dreams trying to get this thing going.  But I am sharing it because it's happening to me and I have friends who've been through the same process, and they shared the journey.  It's just so good after all this time to know that there is hope.  And I'm trying not to think about it too much or I'll go crazier.

Three:  I moved half of the manure pile this week.

Those of you who do not pick up after large hooved animals for a living won't understand the accomplishment, but let me tell you, I feel good about this.  Using a 1958 John Deere with a very small loader bucket to move the manure through two gates and down a hill is not a ripping fast project.  I wanted to get it all cleared out but half a pile is better than a big pile.  Anyways, eventually I'll get slick with the whole hydraulic loader controls and then I'll get that pile moved real slick-like.  Next year.

Four:  People magazine rolled out their Sexiest Man Alive issue.  Have you got yours yet?

I've got mine!!!  I haven't read it yet.  I JUST LOOKED AT THE PICTURES!  Bwahahahaha!

How cute is this guy?  Let's discuss it in more detail next week, shall we?  I think we shall.

Five:  Jethro and I are going to see OZZY OSBOURNE this weekend!!!!!!!!

Ozzy is so freakin' fantastic, and I know this for a fact because we saw him a few years ago.  The fact that dude is still alive is amazing... but regardless of his more recent portrayal as shaky and unintelligible, make no mistake,  THIS MAN ROCKS.  He sounds note perfect every time.  And also, he is Ozzy Freakin' Osbourne.  

Don't forget, he used to look like this:

... and you know how I love a baby-faced British guy.  

In case I haven't mentioned it, Ozzy's new album is haaaavy.  Just trust me.  Ozzy invented this stuff. He still rules it!  

One more thing: this concert involves the two of us leaving the farm, as in, three horses, two barn cats, a house cat and a PUG, in charge of the grandparents and teenagers, going to the city, as in Toronto, and staying there overnight.  In a hotel!  I'll probably wake up at 6 am anyways, but I won't have to drag my butt out of bed.  Which is good because after an evening with Ozzy I'll probably be half deaf and all screamed out.  

Aaaaand, that was my week.



Biddie said...

You made me cry, and I love you, you great grand Godmother :)

Heidi Willis said...

Holy toledo you are a busy and incredibly blessed girl these days!!

Every single one of these things is worth hooting over.

Still doing my happy dance for you. I love the journey. It doesn't always take the path you expect, but it always ends where you need to be.


Auntie said...

An amazing week, for sure .... of course, I flipped back to Christmas Day 1970 and then a day or two later seeing you for the very first time and being totally smitten. I am very excited about the progress with your novel. Keep us posted!

Marni said...

For your enjoyment...