Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's hard to hold a candle... in the cold November rain...

Well, DUH!

Things Which Are Also Hard To Do In The Cold November Rain, And Which Axl Forgot To Include:

--get on a tractor and move a manure pile

--walk across a corral made up of clay footing (it's the slipperiest mud ever)

--keep your shoes clean

--stay warm

--wait for the school bus (although some of us are pampered and wait in the nice warm truck)

--hang out your laundry to dry

--look all rockstar-ish and confident as you swagger along


--keep your hood up but not have it fall down over your eyes

--dry out the newspaper when it comes in, since the mailbox leaks

--catch the dog and dry him off before he storms into the living room and jumps up on the couch


--look at your horses without thinking they look like the "Before" picture.

--remember July and how hard it was to be thankful for the blistering heat despite the knowledge that this crap was on its way

Did I get all of them?  Can we write a whole nuther song?


Paul Tee said...

It's hard

- to ignore the hole in one's boot.

- to watch those f-ing commercials on the Caribbean paradise vacations

- to peer through the glaze of whatever is on the windshield

- to clean up dog poo on the lawn

- to look at the bank account and calculate if it will stretch over Xmass

- to drop Aunt May off the list, and cousin Clem, and ...

Heidi Willis said...

Except for the horses, I can sympathize and concur with ALL of those, and Paul's too! (with me it was Aunt Ruth and cousin Rob)

It's yucky rainy here, too, and I'm deeply regretting the last hair cut when the dude chopped off just enough that it no longer fits in a ponytail.

Which... by the way... I am now looking for temporary pink hair color. Which I promised you I'd do when the big day came. :)