Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sometimes I think I feel sorry for The Biebs.

You might wonder how I could feel sorry for a kid who's on top of the world.  Well, other than being unable to walk down a street without being attacked and feeling that nobody really knows him?  He's sort of missing out on a regular teenage life.  

I am alarmed and concerned that he does not have any concept of big and small towns. 

I didn't watch the American Music Awards on Sunday night because it was more important to me to attend a baby shower.  (Yep, I love my god-daughter more than I love rock stars!) I heard all about the awards the next morning on the radio.  I heard The Biebs tell the adoring audience something that sounded like this:

I come from the smallest town in the world, like 30,000 people...

I have so many problems with this statement.  So, so many problems!

First of all, in what universe is a population of 30,000 SMALL?  That is only small if it's a city.   And technically, Stratford Ontario is a city.  A small one.  

And seriously, smallest town in the world?  IN THE WORLD?  Really Biebs?  Really?

Honestly when I heard this I didn't know whether to smack my forehead... or his.

According to the Kitchener news, Stratford is #219 on the list of smallest populations in Canada. But that didn't sound right to me.  They must have meant small cities. Then of course if we take into consideration all the villages and hamlets, calling Stratford small is just ridiculous.  When your town is composed of three houses and a tiny church, then we can start talking about the smallest town in the world.   

To be fair, in the last couple years the kid has only been in cities large enough to support a giant arena to hold his hordes of screaming fans.  But at any time in the first decade of his life, did he not venture outside of Stratford?  Did he never drive through, like, Tavistock?  St Marys?  New Hamburg?  And those are just medium size towns; how about Shakespeare?  Harmony? Gads Hill? Amulree?  Geez, you want small, Biebs?  Shingletown!  Haysville!  Harmony!  

Man, has the kid been anywhere????

He's probably never heard of this writer guy called William Shakespeare either.  That "smallest town" happens to have a huge tourist trade thanks to a few little plays Will wrote.  

The kid would have to know this.  He used to play his guitar on the street corner so the tourists could fill his guitar case with cash.  As legend would have it.

I will say this: he's talented.  And he's driven.  He is not a superstar by accident.  He works for it.  He wants it and he's out to get it.

Next reason I feel sorry for him: he's a 16 year old boy.  He's surrounded by Kardashians and Katy Perry and Rhianna.  Up until about a week ago, he looked like a nine year old.  That's borderline tragic.

And of course the old radio station got hold of a clip of the boy's voice cracking during Sunday's performance.  Yeah.  There could be some rough years ahead.

Biggest reason I feel sorry for The Biebs?



Paul Tee said...

I feel the same as you do: it's too early for anyone to find success. He lost a normal development and has to deal with attention a seasoned veteran would find difficult. The unspoken fear is that after a short, meteoric rise, it will be downhill all the way, and having tasted that level of success will ruin the rest of his life.

But maybe not. Let us hope not. No doubt he will get a movie deal and then what? I suppose it all depends. We, the public are notoriously fickle; we consume idols at a voracious pace.

But then success comes when it comes, young or old, ride it while you can. The point is be prepared, be ready to take advantage of that narrow window when it opens.

So, go Bieber go. Don't let go of the tiger's tail, it might devour you.

Heidi the Hick said...

Well said!