Thursday, December 02, 2010

Yeah. Okay. Uh-huh. Yup. Awright.

My butt is becoming shaped like a truck seat from all the driving I've been doing.  You know, now that I read that over, I'm not crazy about the visual but I'm leaving it anyways because I'm REALLY BUSY right now and don't have time for um, literary accuracy or whatever.  Let's just say I haven't been spending much time at home this week and it shows.  Dirty horses, dirty dishes... at least teenagers can take care of themselves.  Sort of.

Here are things I plan to blog about soon, very soon:

-Ozzy and his ability to make me clap along, something not even the most enthusiastic church song leader can do.  I am not sure what this says about me, Ozzy, or church song leaders.  And come to think of it, why is it I'm so blinkin' Mennonite I flinch at anything too outrageous in church, as in, I like those old hymns with the shaped notes and four part harmonies... I just can't get excited about all those new Jesus-love-ballads but at an Ozzy show I'm clapping and yelling and jumping up and down?

What does it mean???

Okay I think I just wrote about that.


-How much fun that Ozzy Osbourne show was on Saturday night!


-I'm gonna throw myself an imaginary birthday party.  WANNA BE THERE?  You should be!


-I'm still angry about the lack of legit workwear for small individuals.  Let the women and children be warm in the barn!!!


-It's Friday tomorrow, therefore at some point before midnight I will find an excuse to post a picture of him.  Trust me.

Okay I gotta do the thing at that place, with the people and stuff.  See ya.


Paul Tee said...

You know how every once in a while you lose focus, maybe your bearing, or your sense of direction? You know, wake up one day and wonder what life is all about and who the hell am I?

Don't get me wrong I still have my moral compass, it's just confused a bit, deviate right then left. I'm just drifting, dragging my anchor.

All right those are the facts. So I had to dig deep and research myself. What do I really think? Do I even have an opinion? So I went to my blog. Not much help there, a few rants and raves, but not a substantive core.

Then I had a brilliant flash of intuition: go to Hick chic, you just might find yourself, you have left more footprints there than anywhere else. So that's what I did. I backtracked all the way to the beginning. I had a few laughs, several odd flashes of embarrassment, a few tears, a number of choked up moments... But in a larger sense, I also encountered myself. You know like running into somebody coming fast around the corner, but this time it was me.

I now know, I love horses and regret not having any. I also know that horses produce a hell'ova lot of manure (every third posts mentions it), for some reason I love pickup trucks even though I never owned any, that I love writing (though hate query letters), dream and breathe ROCK, have this strange cravings for JD, who the hell is the guy?

Yes it was like looking into a mirror. But it didn't solve all the mysteries. I still don't know what happened to all that water squeezed into that giant blue beach ball.

Heidi Willis said...

Well, following Paul is going to be hard. :)

You do write amazing posts, and I think someone inside them I find a bit of myself, too. Maybe it's just the name thing. :)

I love the first section, about church and Ozzie. It seems like something Babs might say, about church and Travis Tritt.

I find faith - any faith - such a fascinating, complicated, personal thing. I still don't get why so many publishers fear it.

Anonymous said...

Okay it's Friday where's the picture?????? :D