Friday, October 08, 2010

Johnny Depp... what a sweet guy!!

A blog reader from the U.K.  (Hi Thea!!)  sent me a link to a great story.

Oh my gosh, can you imagine how he made that little girl's day?  Look at this little cutie with her overalls and ponytail, trying to contain the grin!

Man, school is a heck of a lot more fun in England.  Captain Jack Sparrow showed up with ten minutes notice there in London England! Wow. We never had any pirates in my school.  I dressed up like a gypsy two years in a row for Halloween but I don't think that counts even remotely.

I think Johnny is pure awesome.  Wait - PURE AWESOME. YES.

(It's Canadian Thanksgiving and all I'm going to say is... I'm thankful.  Thank you!)


CindyDianne said...

I love Friday's in Hicktown! ;-)

(I never see ya 'round my place anymore! You are missed!)

Paul Tee said...

What if Johnny Deep were to turn up at your place unannounced, wanting, say, western horseback riding lessons? Could your heart handle the overload?

Happy Thanksgiving.

I wonder what turkeys really think about Thanksgiving. They probably mean something different when they tell each other off, "Oh, get stuffed!"

Heidi the Hick said...

CindyDianne, I miss your place too... just not enough time in the day. But thank you for dropping by!

Paul, I think turkeys think, "Gobble, grbbb grbbb, awk, the light it's blinding me and stopping my brain, grbbb gobble."

And if Johnny Depp showed up here unannounced... oh boy... well obviously I'd be totally perfeshnul and go get a horse for him. Of course. I hope you have a camera handy. Cuz nobody would believe that. My heart is thumping just thinking about it!

A Paperback Writer said...

I saw that article and video too! What fun that he did that. In some ways, though, I feel a bit sorry for the little girl -- this may be the most exciting thing that ever happens to her, and it happened so early in life!
Oh well. Good for her!

Biddie said...

How cool :)
Had Thanksgiving with Shawns family and tomorrow we do our own feast.
I am fasting.

Heidi Willis said...

I heard about this. What an amazingly cool thing for him to do. Probably changed that little girl's life. :)