Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hey! I'm not mad at music anymore! (Thank you SOUNDGARDEN!)

After a particularly bad year, bad for a lot of reasons, in which I stopped listening to the radio and barely looked at any of my CDs, I have been rediscovering my love for RAWK.

I feel like I'm finding a piece of my identity that was stuck in a corner and covered in dust.

Bonus: my brain is blooming with fiction again!

This week I plan to do most of my blogging over next door at my other blog.    I'm going to write about some records I bought over the summer (Yes we still call them RECORDS in our family) and why this stuff makes me feel happeeeee.  I'm going to tell you about my good friends Ozzy and Slash and some talented Finnish men.

But first, because I'm feeling generous, I'd like to tell you about a band I've loved for damn near twenty years.

I'd heard rumblings and whispers of Soundgarden getting back together but I generally don't get too excited until it actually happens.  This sounded pretty legit: there were concert dates for Soundgarden at Lollapalooza.  Basically I just figured there goes another once in a lifetime concert event we didn't get to and decided to get on with my life.  Then one morning I was on my way out of Stratford after taking the kids to school early for band practice and I heard the unmistakeable wailing and thrashing of Thayil, Cornell, Cameron & Shepherd, or as we referred to them around here, The Black Sabbath Of The Nineties.

Only thing is, I didn't recognize the song.  I cranked it up as loud as my mom's car could handle it, but I didn't know it.  I wondered if it was from some early album I wasn't as familiar with.  But it didn't sound like it was recorded pre-90s.

Then the DJ said the two magic words, "New Soundgarden" and I could barely stay in the car.

The next time we were in town, I sent my boy into the record store with a fist full of cash and orders to GET IT. (Yeah, parental advisory and all... I used to make mix CDs from my favourites with only the non-sweary songs, but these kids are teenagers now so I'm over it.)

Here, have a picture of Chris Cornell from the early 90s when he didn't wear a shirt very often.

They must have done some epic concerts this past summer, but I'll have to settle for the pictures from their site.  

So I've been driving around in my mom's car, possibly wrecking the speakers, and forgetting to turn it back to radio before I shut the car off... she was a little offended by the lyrics in the chorus of "Big Dumb Sex" but we laughed about it later.  

I'm so glad I'm not mad at music anymore.  I don't know what caused our falling out, or when it started.  I'm just happy we're speaking again.  

Catch ya at the other blog when I'm done composing my history of Soundgarden...

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Paul Tee said...

I LOVE Apo... Apopeptica... Apileptica .. Oh the hell with it, I like them especially in combination with Rammstein.