Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Last weekend, we had some visitors from the old neighourhood.  Phyllis, who is part of my writers group, took the scenic route home from her stay up north and found her way here to the homestead.  She brought her travelling companion, an adorable little white canine ball of soft fluff named Sofie.

Of course, being here meant touring the place and meeting those two horses I write about all the time.  

Sofie is a brave and easy going little dog, which is especially endearing knowing that she started off her life in a puppy mill.  Phyllis spent a lot of time gaining Sofie's trust, and teaching her about this big world.  My horses, meanwhile, are a couple of giant babies who have never known anything but love and affection.  They were quite willing to lavish all their attention on this dog. 

Sofie just kind of took it. As long as she had that arm around her, those giant critters didn't freak her out!

Nothing to see here, people.  Move along now.  

Poor dog must have thought she was going to get eaten.  But no, they just wanted to smell her.  How could they know that she darn near fit into one of their nostrils?

The real fun was watching the Pug lose his mind over the pretty white girl-dog.  We wondered if he remembered her from our pool party the summer before.  Either way, he was very happy to see her!

Oh and also?  Phyllis had treats in her pocket.

She is welcome to visit ANYTIME!

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Heidi Willis said...

OH yeah... we love "treat people" here too. They're the best! :)

Looks like a fun time!