Friday, September 24, 2010

How to dress up to go out to dinner

The handkerchief hanging out of the pocket is very practical and I don't know why we don't carry them around with us.  Kleenex has ruined us.  

Don't throw away an old hat just because it has a hole in it.  It's just getting comfy at that point.  Same with shirts.  A good plaid shirt should be worn until it's a rag with sleeves.  (Then you cut it into squares and stash it in a box intending to make a quilt out of it.)

Here's another hint: if you happen to be working as an actor and the role requires some makeup to create an effect of facial gnarliness, leave the face on after work.  Keeps people guessing as to why you're out and about all scraped up.  If you look particularly infectious you might even get to enjoy a meal undisturbed.  At the very least you can tell people they should see the other guy.

Most of all be sure to accessorize with a favourite gnarly indestructible legendary rock star.  Bonus points for matching hats and shades.  If your rock star has the guts to pull off bright turquoise sneakers you collectively are in my Style Hall Of Brilliance.

(But don't trust my judgement.  I'm in my jammies right now.)

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A Paperback Writer said...

Whoa! Holy turquoise shoes, Batman!