Monday, September 27, 2010

My horse is a landmark!

I bought a saddle from a horse trainer on the weekend.  Of course this led to a quick chat about who we are and what we do. She teaches riding lessons and retrains problem horses; I teach western / wenglish lessons to 10 year old girls.  She told me which horse farm she usually trains out of, and I knew exactly where it is.  I told her where I live with my husband and kids and parents, and which town our place is on the way to, and how it's just around that curve, with the pasture up by the road and the two Appaloosas.

"Oh, you're the one with the Appaloosa!  I love your horse!"

She'd driven by here on her way to the local tack shop and admired my freckled knucklehead!

Now when I give directions I can say, "Turn right at the Appaloosa."


Paul Tee said...

In my case, it's turn left at the Appaloosa. But I know what you mean. People from the subdivisions drive by your place and wished they lived there.

Heidi Willis said...

That's awesome!

And great picture!!

Trailboss said...

Sweet! Your horse is a beauty!