Monday, August 30, 2010

Guess what I did yesterday? And today? Huh? Guess?


Oh yes.  The kids and I were in there goofing off for two hours yesterday!  I was using my mad bug-skimming skills, I dog paddled, and almost put my head under water.  Bucky and Annyong invented about three new games.  Yeah I know next weekend is Labour Day but I don't care!  One week of pool is worth it!!!!

Air - hot.

Pool - cool.

It's lopsided... the floor is lumpy, on account of maybe a few crab-apples underneath... the water is slightly orange despite careful administerings of pool chemicals... but what the heck man.

Splashy splashy!

So much better than smashy smashy.

The horses gawked at us like we were nuts to put up that giant blue water trough and then jump in it.  Shows what they know.

Also, I watched some awards show.  I fully plan to compose a review which will mostly be about clothes and George Clooney.  Although, I might be in the pool.  (Taking pool boy applications?)


Paul Tee said...

I'm coming right over. That water looks delicious.

I just can't figure how the pool reinvented itself, picked up its skirt and moved to the other side of the house. (puzzled)

Heidi the Hick said...

puzzling, isn't it?

Biddie said...

Wow, that looks soo refreshing. I bet that you are in the pool right now..It is soo hot out today!
Hopefully you get some quality pool time before the cold weather hits.

Heidi the Hick said...

I'm taking as much pool time as I can for the next couple weeks. An hour can go by pretty fast in there!

Even got my dad in. He doesn't swim, he just crouches there with his shoulders under the water, chillin. It's all good.

auntie said...

I have been waiting for the photographic evidence and my patience has been rewarded! Enjoy every minute.