Thursday, August 26, 2010

My mom says that blogging pictures of your laundry is just as bad as tweeting pictures of your lunch.

Okay, yes.  BUT.  My laundry is so PRETTY!

(And how does my mother know so much about the Tweetering?)

Look at those colours, up there against that vivid blue sky, and the kind of cotton-ball clouds you always think of when you think the word clouds.

Through my eyes, the backlit clothes glowed, but the iGadget couldn't quite capture it.  I still like this picture because of the shadows, and that it makes me think of the smell of the wind.  

And of course, a quilt.

How typically Mennonite of me.

We found it in my uncle's house.  Mom says my Grandma made it, since she recognized some of the fabrics in the squares.  Grandma worked in a shirt factory for a few years, and brought home remnants rather than throw them out.  It's practically an unwritten unofficial rule of being a Mennonite woman.  Thou shalt not throw away perfectly good fabric scraps.  

Yep, I've got three boxes in Mom's sewing room.

See the Pug at the bottom of that picture?  He's the reason I wash quilts so often.  Him and his shedding all year round, sleeping on my bed every night habit.  

It's okay with me though.  I love doing laundry.


Biddie said...

Love the clen laundry. I can almost smell it from here.
My (bad) dogs are the reason that I do SO MUCH laundry.

Heidi the Hick said...

But aren't they nice to cuddle with?

You're almost at the point where the dogs have more bed than you do...!

Yeah, it's a good thing I like doing laundry because well, you know how much my dog sheds. I love him but the dog hair tumbleweeds not so much!

Olly said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who finds a line of clean laundry blowing in the breeze beautiful. I hang it outside every chance I get!

Heidi Willis said...

Beautiful! I LOVE those photos!!