Thursday, May 27, 2010


I carbon copied myself and added in the best of her daddy, and look what we got.

Incredibly hip, chic, and stylin' at all times

Hardworking (when she feels like it...)


Very pretty

Super Cool Kid
a Jedi who doesn't need a light sabre or this mysterious "force" you speak of because she can just look at people and they're defeated in the blink of an eye!!!!
Also, she is so cool that she owns a pterodactyl  and it has unfortunately acquired a taste for small children which is why she can't let people bring their kids to see it even though it's so cool because it might eat them. 
Also, she wrote Mozart's 40th symphony thingy (whatever it's called, you know, the one that's like "do do do do do do dododoooo, do do do do do dododooooo..." yeah, that one.) Anyway, she wrote that way back in the 1500s or whenever that was, and let Mozart take the credit. HA! NOW THE WORLD KNOWS. 
Also, that was her who wrote all those awesome things and NO, they are NOT outrageous claims like how I invented the question mark!! 

....yep, she's special.



Biddie said...

She is amazing, incredible, beautiful, talented, and super sweet.
I hope that she had a super sweet 16. Big hugs to my very favourite 16 year old!

Heidi Willis said...

16! Wow! Where does the time go??

(and those must be super long years, her being around in the 1500 and all!)

Congrats on a successful carbon copy! I'm still waiting to see how mine develop. :)

Happy birthday to your girl!

millhousethecat said...

The first picture could be you!