Friday, May 28, 2010


I added "amateur cat vet" to my list of things I don't get paid to do

Moe is doing great!  He's always happy to see us when we check on him and he's trying to stand.  He's shaky and not putting any weight on the injured leg but it's a start.  The wound is closing but still uuuugly.  I am amazed at his tolerance and resilience.  This cat has the happiest attitude ever... and a heck of a will to live!

My kid turned 16

Still absorbing this... gimme another week ok?

Most of the farmers did the first cut of hay

Dude, it's MAY.  Way early.  But who cares man, this means it smells like hay everywhere and I looove that!

It was really hot this week. I sweated a lot.  Went through three changes of clothes in a day.

How unpleasant.  Here, have a nice picture of Johnny Depp to clear your mind.  He looks cooool.  Ignore the gun under his arm.  Maybe he's just happy to see us.

My horses got their tetanus shots this week.

And then the next day I got mine.  When I say I feel their pain, I mean it.  But they don't have to steer with their necks so I get to win the pity party.

Only went to the dump once this week.

And I came home with a nasty trucker tan on my left arm. This was before the tetanus shot, back when I could freely hang my arm out the window while zooming down the road with the ol' 60mph air-conditioning going, if you know what I mean.

American Idol is done, and so is Grumpy Uncle Simon, but Paula Abdul was back! to say all kinds of sweet things.

Awww.  She looked like a pink cupcake as her magical unicorn dust swirled through the air.  Actually I didn't see any of it, because...

I dragged my bestest friend to an author reading.

She is such a good sport, because she didn't know this author at all.  It was a great excuse for us to both get out in the evening, plus we both have a couple of anxiety issues, and we can face our fears together!!!  Also she didn't laugh at me for being completely starstruck to meet Guy Gavriel Kay.  

Afterwards we sat outside with her man and daughter and five bouncy little dogs.  OMG Biddie is like Sharon Osbourne with the little dogs!  I just thought of that now!  

It's nice to be living closer to her.  We still don't get to see each other much but it's better than before.  

There's this show called LOST which I decided after the first two episodes not to commit to because I didn't have enough time.

In January the kids and I gave in.  We figured it didn't matter if we didn't know what was going on because those who watched consistently didn't know either, it seemed.  We taped the finale so we could watch it together.  We're only halfway through.  See?

I found the nicest, most level place to put that pool we promised we'd get when we moved out to the country.

It's away from the road, not to close to trees that will fill the pool with leaves, and flat enough ground to avoid doing any grading.  Problems: can't shell out the $ for that inflatable pool right now (see above with the horses and cats and vets); not sure if we can run electrical for pool pump down there in the yard; not sure if solar powered pumps are available or if we can afford it; and we have this little technicality...

THIS is currently taking up pool space.  Anybody want a nice 80s vintage plow truck?  It's a 4x4!!!


Heidi Willis said...

I love your writing. Even in your most randomness you are beautiful!

The cat is gorgeous. Johnny is too. Your comment about him made me laugh.

RuckusButt said...

16 *is* crazy. And May is *way* early for first cut.

I'm in Ottawa and it was stupidly hot here too. No riding for several dqys. I sweat a lot but mostly sat in stupid offices with stupid a/c and no horse smell whatsoever. wtf?

I'm getting a "rider's tan". Farmer's tan + white hands. Ugh.

I have always loved to read...as a teen I stayed up too late reading on school nights all the time. And I don't do nearly enough reading anymore. This fact alone makes me wonder where the heck *I've* gone. Stupid job.

If not a pool, how about an outdoor arena?

Paul Tee said...

This week I went twice to the dump...

Also took care of our cat, who we feared could have been infected with ringworms, loss of hair and ugh, festering ... but the vet downgraded his condition to road rage from the fat cat, who bit into the young one's tail...

I did laundry...

I too, watched American Idol, and voted for Crystal (in spirit)...

I did no hay, but grass...

No trucker tan, but plumber backside burn as I hocked for hours to repair the mowing deck that chewed up its drive belt...

So excuse me if I wrongly assumed that you were blogging about my life...

True, I had no horses around to cast their shadow and no Johnny Deep to light up my mood...

However, speaking of milestones: Congratulation to the birthday girl, btw.

Visit me on my site ... for my reason to celebrate. Coincidence or what?