Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a blog post in list form: I would really like to tell you...

... about our little orange and white barn cat, Moe.  He dragged himself home - literally dragged, since his hind end is sort of not working - with a nasty wound on one hind leg.  After a vet visit, he's been recovering in a clean empty stall, purring happily whenever we go check on him and take care of him. He's not out of danger yet but we're all cheering for him.  He's amazing.

...why I'm so blasted busy these days.  But in between dump runs and laundry (why do dirty clothes breed so fast?) I find myself with hardly any time to do anything else.

...that it's okay to be this kind of busy, because it's all for a better future.  (Yeah, I'm totally serious!)

...about our sweet little mare.  She's got troubles of her own but man, I love that horse.

...all about that fantastic trip to Newfoundland we took in April, where we did cool stuff and met awesome people and enjoyed the unique culture.  I'd go back in a heartbeat.

...that I watched American Idol all season, most of it anyways. In between dashing down to the cellar to switch the laundry, rushing in from the barn, and other end-of-the-day stuff I caught enough of the show to know that this young woman (yeah I'm gonna say it) rocks my SOX.

... and that as much as I dig Ellen, I miss crazy Paula, and Simon is breaking my heart.  Darn it you sarcastic mean ol' Englishman.  

...everything.  I'd like to tell you everything.  But I have to sleep too.  

I'll tell you about these things.  I will.  


Paul Tee said...

When your Blog first crystalized into consciousness on my screen, with that large welcom picture of your horsies filling it, all I could think of was "OMG, That's a perfect book cover!"

I'm right--I know it!

Now, all you need to do is write that book.

So what could you write with a title "Take a Good Look Around"???

I swear, I 'd read it.

Heidi Willis said...

Oooh! Paul is right! That's an awesome book cover, and a fantastic picture!

I just found that Sox is a type 1 diabetic on a pump. Maybe I should have paid more attention to Idol this year. Honestly, though, I like them both. Good thing I'm not a voter. :)

lopinon4 said...

Great pic, I agree! :)

Love the kitty...so cute! Mother Nature thanks you for giving him a helping hand.

Hang in there. The laundry will stop breeding in the basement someday.

pseudosu said...

Poor Moe!
You have to go look back a post or two on my blog-- there is a picture of my cat Ray and they could be twins!
Also, like all household chores, if everything is in perfect order I can only assume that person has no life-- so, congrats on having one beyond laundry. Good work!

marsh to the fore said...

I absolutely agree with what everyone is saying you got the perfect book cover and the blog could be the book with a little work. I never thought how laundry breeds! You are so right!


Cin said...

Moe is adorable. I hope he makes a full recovery!

Phyllis said...

Hi Heidi, Phyllis here. Good to see that Moe recovered. Where's Curly? How's life on the farm? Miss you at AWG. Our book's supposed to launch on Sep/12 at the Culeral Centre. Can you make it?