Thursday, April 15, 2010

Throwing things into suitcases and getting ready to party with rockstars

alternate title: IF IT'S CLEAN, IT'S FORMAL WEAR.

(Calgary, 2008)

Normally I start packing a few days ahead of time, but I had this cold, see, and then a big bin showed up and I had to fling some metal into it -- oooh flinging metal!  Sweeeet! -- then I had an appt with DOCTACHAN which took a very long trip down the highway and blah blah blah I didn't pack a thing until this morning.  

Truth: Jethro and I stood in the bedroom at the farmhouse and did "Are we taking this" to each other for what felt like an hour.  I almost left without any socks.  But I think I have about 5 pairs of tights.  Fishnets?  Hmm, east coast, that's appropriate, right?  

I'm pretty sure we both have enough undies for the trip.  I mean for each of us.  

More than ever, since I've been living in farm country, I'm seeing the contrast between Heidi the Hick and Heidi the Wife of the Recording Engineer who Gets Nominated for Awards.  Like, I packed two pairs of boots and neither are useful barn boots.  I packed no overalls.  However I do have my pink John Deere hat.  Gotta keep it real.  

Let's have a look (because I'm either a huge narcissist, or have no embarrassment capabilities) at the two sides of me:

(with my farm dog, winter 2009)

(Calgary, 08 in the most awesome dress evar)

(prettying up the big fella instead of myself)

(Vancouver '09: the dress I wore to my prom is so tight 20 years later it's making my forehead vein pop)

(I shouldn't even post pix like this - what the heck is wrong with me?)

(Like high school, only older and heavier!!)

How many times have we done this and I still can't believe it.  Me, the little dork covered in pony dirt, and him, the kid from the big house behind the feed mill, walking past all the famous people and being unrecognized on the red carpet!!!!

Aw, he's more than paid his dues.  He deserves a fun weekend. "Give me a weekend there, I'll pick up that east coast accent."  

Geez, my bestest friend Biddie was there for less than two years in her teens and I can still hear the accent on her!  

OH and I haven't even told you what I'm wearing.  It's a surprise.  Even to me.  My blog buddy Cara is going to surprise me!  

Okay I'm officially excited now.  The plane takes off at dark o'clock....

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Heidi Willis said...

Woo Hoo!! I love the contrasts! And the pink hair. :)