Thursday, April 15, 2010

Watch the Juno Awards on Sunday!

CTV Juno website! If we can sneak past a camera I'll wave at ya.


Heidi Willis said...

Oh! I can see it on the internet??? I am SOOOO there!!

Have a BLAST!!! And wish Jethro good luck for me!

Four Dinners said...


Heidi the Hick said...

Friday night report:

Well first of all due to some nasty weather in St John's we had to get off the plane after an hour of sitting there drugged on Ativan and pretending to read. Slept in an overpriced hotel, got up and got on a different plane, not guaranteed to actually land on account of fog. But the pilot got two rounds of applause when we landed!

I hate flying.

In good news, we're staying in a gorgeous old mansion (price equal to or less than corporate beige buildings) and I love this place, I love this city!! It really is as cool as the tourism commercials sshow!

Also I have heard the voice of lovely Cara and we'll go visit soon! When we're all awake.

Went to the Juno welcome reception which means standing around plucking edible things off trays, hovering near the food tables and snagging snacks, and -- oh yes -- free beer.

I got two down so I'm DONE.

Plus we're a little tired. A lot.

I love Newfunland!

And now I gotta sleep. I'm a mess and jethro's already getting the foghorn running.

Pictures comin' up... when we're awake ok?