Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random disjointed um, things? from my feverish stuffy head

Hang on.  Gotta sneeze.

Yeah.  We had this huge massive I mean gargantuan machine here at the farm today to pull down the remains of a steel building

and then SMASH it

then pick it up in its jaws

and drop it into a bin

and then SMASH it down so it all fit in there.

Oh man, it was so awesome, I don't mean awesome in the overused kind of way but like, the true, original FULL OF AWE meaning of the word.

I was full of awe watching the thing!  It was like a dinosaur.  With jaws.  Teeth.

Then it curled itself up and looked like it was taking a nap on it's little cute trailer.

I hate grocery shopping when I'm sick.  All the food looks like plastic.

Ellen Degeneres is funny.  She always looks like she's not quite sure what she just said.

I haven't felt like talking to anybody for a week.  Of course now I really don't want to talk at all to anybody since I sound like a three-pack-a-day smoker.

Man, Adam Lambert is friggin FABULOUS.

And he must be huge.  Is he a large person in real life, I wonder?  When I meet people in real life I'm pretty much always surprised by their actual proportions.  I bet he's really tall.

Possibly 7 ft tall with his hair all glued up.

I wonder who I'll be surprised at this weekend at the Junos.

omg the junos are this weekend.

I wonder what famous person I'll embarrass myself in front of this year.

I'm betting it'll be the Bieber.

I'll be amazed if he's taller than me.  Is he taller than 5' 1?  I'll be floored if the kid is actually tall.  Holy heck, what if he's like, Jethro sized????  I'll shriek.  Then he'll think I'm shrieking simply because he's The Bieber and I'll laugh because being bieber has no influence in our home... then he'll be embarrassed/ irritated and then I'll be embarrassed.

See?  Just called it.

Hang on.  Gotta blow some of my brain out through my nose.

Adamlambert just told a singer to GET THROATY.  I might have to use that.  (That's not dirty, is it?)

Gah.  I think I'll take a bath and get into my bed.  Maybe I'll throw a few things into the suitcase first.  Maybe I'll surprise myself once I get to St Jawn's.  "What the heck did I bring this for???"


Here have more giant industrial machinery.

Okay, g'nite.


Crafty Missus said...

i'm full of snot, too.

Crafty Missus said...

oh, we are all BIG, be forewarned.

Paul Tee said...

All right, Heidi. Time to get focussed and serious. It's time to PACK!

Leave the barn alone, it had survived years while you were living in suburbia, it can go for couple days. Let someone else clean the stalls, pick up rusty iron (especially after the backhoe stomped it into little pieces), let the laundry accumulate, and let the kids eat peanut butter sandwiches.

They will survive, the farm will survive, you need to P A C K, get ready for that hour in the sun in Newfunland.

Checklist: blackdress(check), rose-- preferably red/white/pink (check), and either the pink shoes or the cowboy boots (if Jethro was nominated for country?).

Practice smiling in the mirror, posing for camera shots, waving to the crowd, signing autographs. In all that, must REMEMBER to have fun, FUN, FUN. Enjoy.

Marni said...

If you see Tyler from Theory of a Deadman, please tell him there is a girl in GA that has a HUGE crush on him. And then kiss his cheek for me.

Not embarrassing at all... you are doing it for someone else!!!

Have a great time at the Junos and good luck to the hubby!!!

Heidi Willis said...

have you seen the biebers shoes? I think they are longer than you are tall. But I don't think he's tall. He's shorter than Tina Fey and she's not tall, right?

That equipment reminds me of my favorite book from when I was five. Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel. It looked exactly like that. Seriously. I read that book five times every night for a year. It's my mom's least favorite book. :)

Paul is right. You need to PACK!! And I want to see some pink on you. And that cowboy hat. And a BIG smile.

See? comments can be full of random disjointed stuff too.

Feel better!!

Heidi the Hick said...

We packed everything this morning in a flurry of chaos. Ok not everything. Forgot Jethro's nice shoes. But we'll get away with it.

Got the chores all sorted out. Horses living outside is a good thing!!!

I packed three pairs of footwear. What the heck? I'm a chick and I don't even get why I need two pairs of boots and little pink shoes.

I need high heels so I can look up at all the big Newfies, right? Ok.

Marni, yes he's cute and I'll tell him about the cute redhead from Georgia! IF they let me near him...

Also I totally remember that book about the steam shovel. Awesome!!

And I'm much less snotty today. Jethro on the other hand... well if he wins I guess he'll just look like he's all emotional when he sniffles. Bwa ha ha

Curiosity & Joy said...

kevin's wife says, 'hello high heels, baby!". and i need you to come get fitted tomorrow evening... think you can??

Heidi the Hick said...

Just try and keep me away, MISSUS!