Monday, April 19, 2010

JUNO AWARDS SHOW! Good show and best red carpet EVAR!

Edited: got home, had a nap, got on with my day and realized I could have done a better job of this.  New improved with more pictures and possibly more verbal coherence!

Most award winners got stranded elsewhere due to either St Johns fog or Iceland volcanic ash (and the mysteries of airports and flight schedules).  We were lucky to be there and we worked it!  It was a super awesome amazing fun day at the Juno Awards!

Before we get to the news and stuff, here's my dress!!

Who am I wearing?  Well I'm glad you asked!  SWERVY by Cara Winsor Hehir!

And how do you like our sweet home for the weekend?  I know - gorgeous!  Opulent!  (Believe it or not, less expense than a hotel.  Shop local, people, avoid the uniculture!)

Okay, first of all, this is Jethro's fourth consecutive nomination and as long as we're we're involved, he gets all the engineer nominees together for the red carpet.  He'll contact as many engineers and producers as he can can and convince them to crawl out of the shadows and be terrified by the crowds and cameras.

Yesterday, we rolled up to the red carpet in... wait for it... A YELLOW SCHOOL BUS!  Oh but that's not all, oh no, are ya ready for this?  It was... THE SHORT BUS!!!!

Oh man it was hardcore fun.  All these fans are lined up along the street trying to get a good look at the Famous People and here comes a bus, not a limo but a bright yellow school bus, so of course they all freak out expecting somebody Famous to get out.  It must be one of those wacky edgy irreverent rawk bands.  And then, out gets us!

All the kids screamed anyways, just in case I was hiding Drake or the Biebs in my jacket. Ha.

Wait, we're not nobodies!  This guy gets nominated for awards!!!

I love this guy.  I'm his biggest fan.  I'm the president of his fan club.  I'm serious.

Here's the other great thing: usually us nobodies get dropped on the red carpet way before the Famous People, but yesterday afternoon, our hilarious short bus deposited us just before Michael Buble!  So yeah, I knew who they were screamin' for and it wasn't us!

But we spent a good long time there soaking it up.  We managed to get Cara's husband Kevin a ticket for the concert.

Yessss!  I loved this because he's a guy who's all about St John's.  He technically is "from away" but this guy knows his stuff and loves his Newfoundland.  He gave us so much history and info on the province and the city, which made it so much fun to bring him along for the crazy red carpet ride!  Plus he ran into all kinds of people he knows, of course, him being a local and all. I hope this totally boosts his cred up at the high school he teaches at.  Hey kids- your Mr Hehir is cool!!

He's lifting the horns and I'm holding up my cute little Led Zeppelin clutch purse.  It matches the fakey-snakey jacket!  I am so easily thrilled.  Makes life interesting. 

I got to walk past Mulroney and all the guys from Alexisonfire!   I love Alexisonfire.  I was standing there mentally processing that I was mere feet away from them and could talk to them, but they looked so rockstarry and it would have been really awkward to try to strike up a conversation right there when Ben Mulroney is doing his interview and basically my brain sort of fizzled.  So I just stared at them like a moron but I didn't drool so I'm okay.  And then a voice announced Hedley's arrival, and you might know I have a goofy enthusiasm for that band, like, I love that band, so I got over my awkwardness and pulled on Jethro's jacket to slow him down a little -- we have to stop to say hi to those guys.  It's tradition!!

I was rather irritated to find out that the network didn't air a red carpet show.  I mean, even though I didn't manage to photobomb a camera and mouth "Hi kids!" I was hoping they'd be at home and see their parents.  I figured it'd be good for a laugh.

No we did not get anywhere near the Bieber and therefore I still don't know if he's bigger than me.  Jethro is really worried that the kid has a combover.  The screaming was deafening, I'm not kidding.  I gotta admit, I don't get it.  He's adorable and cute and he's a pretty good little singer, but I don't get his music.  Is it because I'm not 12 anymore?  Is it because my kids don't listen to pop?  The place seemed overrun with weeping red faced pre-teen girls.  Wow.  OH well, the world has recovered from hordes of crying fangirls before, right?

I'm sure I'm forgetting something I wanted to share with the world, but I find it hard to remember all the things I liked from the concert.  Honestly I think Billy Talent's performance of "Saint Veronica" was nothing short of awesome.  Best show of the whole concert, in my opinion.  Those guys are always, consistently, a great live band, and this current record is one hit after another.  If you don't know them, check them out!

I really liked the Metric performance too.  I think Emily Haines is one of the coolest chicks in music right now.  She's unique and knows how to rock a sparkly silver dress with matching high heels.

Anyways, by the end of the concert I was all Biebered-out and totally over-Draked.

As for the afterparties?  The usual: go to a sponsored party at some club, try to grab as many free snackies and drinkies as possible, don't grab too much or you'll feel ill.  Yell over the loud music.  Hang at the edge of the crowd to avoid getting squished.  Wonder who the heck all these people are.  High five the ones you know.  And make sure you pick up for free bag o swag when leaving.  It's costly to do this weekend thing.  Grab the swag.

Know what's funny?  The contents of the swag bags fall into three general categories: snacks (Vitamin water, Sun chips, energy bars, hopefully some chocolate, all of which becomes Monday morning's breakfast), shampoo and stuff (wow, lotions, make up, razors, shampoo, styling stuff, and all full size bottles too), and... condoms.  Which made me laugh, because basically what the corporate sponsors are telling us music biz types is that we need to eat better, wash and take care of our hygiene, and make sure we don't reproduce ourselves.

And that's my report on the 2010 Juno awards.  (But we weren't quite done with NFLD yet...)


Heidi Willis said...

YAY!! You guys totally rock!! What an awesomely great couple you are...and such joy on your face! :)


Paul Tee said...

The heroes return, having braved fog, vulcanic ash, and have survived the horrors of the red carpet: the lights, the cameras, the crazed fans. Throughout Jethro kept his kool, but Heidi just couldn't keep it together. There she goes, up the down staircase.

The main thing is, you enjoyed yourself.

And thanks. I never had so much fun watchinhg the Junos, eventhough I never caught a sight of you two.

Curiosity & Joy said...

That was a fun weekend. Finally getting to my article. Will post URL when it goes up.

It was really fantastic to meet you guys. The key is under the mat for you any time.

(let me know if you got home safely)

Curiosity & Joy said...

kevin's wife says, " holy! do i ever miss you guys!"
home is great though, isn't it...

Lynn Sinclair said...

Sounds like a great time, Heidi. You both looked very red carpet ready.

Hey, guess what! My daughter is stuck in Europe with the school band. The house is strangely quiet and neat.

dilling said...


Four Dinners said...

And just why are you not on MTV????

I will register a complaint forthwith!!!

Glad you enjoyed. Both of you!

Crafty Missus said...

i love my city (and my husband) through your eyes...

Curiosity & Joy said...

hi again,
here is the link to a local's perspective.