Friday, April 23, 2010

I should write something!

But instead, I've been riding, and flinging manure, and trying to get caught up with my real life after our short-and-sweet trip to Newfoundland for the Junos. I have more to say about Newfoundland, or at least what I saw of it, which I'll be sharing next week.

I'm so far behind on email it's stoopid.

Because I'm lazy, and don't understand facebook, I'm doing it this way instead: HI EVERYBODY!

April is almost over.  We're emptying our house this next week.  (And filling mom's house.)  Meanwhile the grass is green and sitting outside no longer requires a warm sweater.  It's bearable.  I can survive this.

Annyong took this picture with the iGadget. She's an artist, what can I say.

She sat outside with the PUG this afternoon, soaking up the sunshine. He smells warm when he's been basking in the sun.  Sometimes we stick our faces in his rolls of neck fur to get that scent.

Happy weekend...


Heidi Willis said...

You manage to make it sound fun that you're flinging manure. :)

I love the way my pup smells when he's been basking in the sun, too. And how warm his fur gets. It's therapeutic.

Welcome back.

Crafty Missus said...

i have to say, i'd like to hear your impressions of my city. but life comes first.
also, i posted photos of you on my blog today, go take a look.