Saturday, April 17, 2010

At the Juno Awards!

Here we are!

Can you see the guitar on his tie?  He borrowed it from his son - it's the rock n roll hall of fame tie!  I'm wearing a dress by SERVY by Cara Winsor Hehir, a designer and generally awesome goddess from right here in St John's!

No Jethro didn't win but the Juno went to Dan Brodbeck who came to NFLD with his wife and kids and the grandparents too!  What a buzz for the whole family!

Well it's bedtime but we must go out and get some good old Newfie style partying in tonight yet!


.:.KC.:. the brown eyed girl said...

Ok, this year's Juno mission for my mom and I - We need pictures of the Barenaked Ladies and of course Drake. If you get the chance, talk to him for me and tell him how much I love him, even when he was on Degrassi. Take his picture!
As always, stay away from Jann Arden and have fun. Take LOTS of pictures for me.
Oooh, and I need a picture of the full dress, please.
It's too bad Jethro didn't win the Juno, but we are all proud of him here!
Biddie and KC.

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh honey, "they" are not gonna let me anywhere near Drake! But if I do I'll scream that KC loves him. I don't know if any of the Ladies are here this year... at least I saw no sign of them. We'll see.

Listen, I will always love Jann but I may have developed a new girl crush. It happens.

Pictures of the whole dress comin' up. Sadlly our little camera doesn't do well in low light so none of the pix do the dress justice, far as I'm concerned. It's an great dress!

Thanks for being proud of our guy! Love to you!!

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh-also we got swag bags at the afterparty. Oh my gosh, I do love swag bags!!!

Now I gotta take the adrenalin down and get some sleep. I don't even know for sure what day it is.

Paul Tee said...

It's Sunday... the morning after. Whether good or bad, depends on which side of a hangover you find yourself.

You guys look terrific. I'm greatly envious of the smooth, smooth knot of that tie (I can never get my so neat and crisp).

I have made up my mind, next year I'm definitely coming, or going to the Junos, seeing that it's in TO. And Jethro will win then, I'm sure.

Kerri said...

He looks cool and you do amazing. You should get an award for the most rocking couple ever!!!

Heidi Willis said...

You guys look H-A-W-T!!!

I love how, no matter whether or not Jethro wins, you are so cheery and generous.

I hope you had THE BEST time!! I can't wait to see more pics!

dilling said...

do you get to fly home or are you staying a while longer due to volcano mess?!?
and?!? you know i have to see the dress!!!!!!