Monday, April 06, 2009

This is what I should have posted on Friday...

Because Friday escaped me, I now have to start off the week with fun and frivolous fashionable Friday-Monday.  Of course this includes finding a way to work in a picture of Johnny Depp because... well duh, just because.   

The Juno awards happened a week ago, and now I have only two regrets.  One, I didn't get to spend enough time with Dilling.  Two, I did not wear THIS.

I believe her name is Jessie Farrell and she got a Juno nomination.  She is wearing my outfit!  Wow!  It's pink!  She paired it with scuffed up cowboy boots!  Just wow!  Look at her face, she's all like, "I know!  It's totally your thing!"  And I'm all like, "Where did you GET THAT?" And she's going, "Dude, same place you get all your good stuff!  The THRIFT STORE!"  And I'm going like,  "That's crazy, cuz I'm wearing stuff this weekend that's either found in my closet or BORROWED!"  And then we both laugh cuz like, none of this ever happened in real life!!!

These guys, these aw-shucks adorable fellers, are the Sam Roberts band.  That's himself in the middle, in the straw hat.  Notice the "Terry Fox Rocks"  T shirt on the right.  Then notice... THE PONCHO.
Now I'm not sure if that's a real poncho, but I suspect it could be a Sears poncho.  I'm willing to forgive that if he got it at THE THRIFT STORE because then it's a poncho with history.  I have one.  It's so authentic it's got actual South American twigs woven into it.  I'm not kidding.  I haven't worn it in awhile.  Why haven't I worn it in so long?  Did I forget?

A poncho is basically a blanket with a head hole.  If I was really stylin, I could just throw a blanket over my shoulder and call it cool.

Like this guy.  

And now for an entirely different kind of cool... Dallas Green, of City and Colour:

He was referred to as "your nerdy Grade 10 Science teacher" or something like that, but come on, if my Grade 10 Science teacher was hiding some serious ink under his button up shirt, sang like an angel, played guitar like a mofu, and busted out some shredding metal in his evening gig... I would be a freakin scientist by now.  That could have changed my life.  

I'm kidding, I'm no scientist.  But I do think he's awesome, he rocks a bow tie like few ever can, and that is a gorgeous guitar!

Now I have to do this.  I have to.  Because not only are these guys wearing the rock star shades despite Vancouver not being especially blindingly sunny... they are wearing... wait for it... BELT BUCKLES.  Big honkin glorious belt buckles.  

And holy smokes, this is, without a doubt....

har har har.

Brain bleach anybody?

ahhh... 15 years ago, Johnny Depp was photographed by Annie Liebowitz.  Back then he was already wearing his belt buckle off to the side.  (It won't scratch up the back of your guitar if you wear it that way - I wonder if that was his reason?)

He was a little too thin, but beautiful, and had half the tattoos.  I'm just going to stare at this for awhile.  Okay?  At some point I'll write something good.  Later.... I've got the whole week ahead of me...


hayseed said...

Speechless over the Johnny photo....and I could totally see you in that pink dress with the boots. Next year!

Patches said...


Thank you for that last Johnny pic. Yummy. Don't mind me as I stalk this post for atleast the next 11 days.

And that pink dress is AWESOME! Especially with the boots! Totally rocks!

Kerri said...

Um, *wipes drool* wait there was something about a dress, buckles. Hmmm. *eyes glaze over*

Heidi the Hick said...

Ah, the brain bleach worked!