Thursday, April 02, 2009

Technically, I don't stalk the "famous" people, but just end up near them, honest..

First of all, THIS is what happens after a black tie banquet, after I've pillaged the centrepieces of their roses, stuffed them into the front of my dress, and have been returned to the hotel room...

...and forced to wait for Jethro to finish iPhoning and texting and emailing all of his peeps and buds and dudes, arranging where we're all going to meet up later.  I suppose I could have headed out on my own but there were, like, people I don't know out there, so I stayed in.

BORRRRRRRING.  Although I do think he's kinda cute when he's all studious like that.  

It was a very nice bathroom.  It magically cleaned itself while we were out for the day.  Mine at home don't do that.  

Eventually we decided the fancy hair was worth showing off so we went out for a beer.  Just one.  At the freakin' Fairmont.  I tried to pretend it was normal, and that we often go out for a beer with me wearing more face paint than usual (which is usually none) and flowers in my hair (which really depends on what's growing outside).

The next day, our big RED CARPET thing, promised some good Famous-people watching.  Here's the thing though: the red carpet is scheduled very carefully.  They don't send Jethro and Heidi out anytime near the carefully appointed Nickelback walk.  You see, that's because half the crowd is there for Nickelback.  Not us.  If the show starts at 5 pm, they want us showing up at 3, no kidding.  Of course, I'm always late for everything, so I got to sneak in on two folks from a funny TV show called Corner Gas.

Oh look! Here's me in a picture with Brent Butt and Nancy Robertson, being interviewed by Ben Mulroney aka Nicest Guy in Television!  Seriously, he's even nicer than Seacrest, and has a similar skin colour.  Are all TV host dudes that colour?  He's a nice, friendly dude.  Not that I'd know personally.  

I like Ben's silver hair and I think Nancy might be tiny, tiny tiny in real life.  I have no idea what Brent is pointing at.  Maybe, "Heck, this carpet's red. Huh."

During the show, we were THISCLOSE to the presentation stage, which meant that I could almost reach out and look at Russell Peters.  He is one funny dude.  

Nickelback started the show and I didn't take pictures because their pyro nearly melted my face off.  They really can claim to be a face melting band.  Seriously, have you ever seen them live?  I have twice now and both times I lost a couple of eyelashes.  They have awesome pyro.  And CHAD'S guitar is very sparkly.  By the way I have decided that the name CHAD must always be typed in uppercase.  And that's all I got to say about that.

Favourite performances?  Loved City and Colour.  Loved, loved!  Gord Downie (Tragically Hip) joined in to sing his verse in "Sleeping Sickness" as well as some harmonies and you know what?  Lovely.  Then Dallas whipped out a note perfect guitar solo- not face melting, just perfect.  Dallas was dressed like a dorky Grade 10 history teacher.  Looked good with his armful of tattoos.  He is adorable!

Serena Ryder- perky, perfect, awesome!

Kathleen Edwards and Bryan Adams - not expecting that!  Wow!  He's sort of been the guy singing all out and stomping a foot, but this was sweet.  It was just him with an acoustic, her with a fiddle, and some gorgeous harmonies.  Then, she made him forget the words - has he EVER forgotten words? - and he shook his head and chuckled.  She's just that charming.  It was lovely.

Great Big Sea/ Eccodek/ Hawksley Workman - Okay, really not expecting this... How do I explain?  They played Zeppelin's "Gallows Pole" only not the way you've heard it.  It was like, four guitars, a bunch of drums, turntable, what the heck all???  I mean, I could pick out all kinds of flaws, but... it kind of .... rocked!  Hawksley got to unleash his inner Page.  

I wish you could have seen Beast from the night before.  Oh my gosh, they're so awesome!  They sat at our table afterwards and what a bunch of sweet, expressive Quebecers!  I would also highly recommend that you catch young Nikki Yanofsky if you get the chance.  

AND our own Molly Johnson is the Jazz Vocal Album winner!  I love Molly.  

For some great concert shots, cute commentary and informative links, go check out the awesome Nanaimo Blahg, because Dilling had it covered from the other side of the stadium!

If you don't know who these people are, there's this cool tool called the internet, go look 'em up!  

There's also a cool invention called AFTERPARTY.    Often, free drinks are served along with weird things on toothpicks.  It's okay, it's yummy even if you don't know what it is.  Be brave.  Afterparties are great places to accidentally on purpose walk past many famous people.  

It's also a good excuse to let your friends take ridiculous pictures of you and your mate.

Oh, here's me "with" a guy called Nardwuar.  He's amazing.  He knows everything about every band that every musician has ever been in.  I'm not kidding.  It's heroic.  That's him in the plaid beret and maroon velvet jacket.  That's me holding my groovy Nardwuar pen.  
If I hold the pen upside down, Nard's Canada flag shirt falls off, exposing his Austin Powers-esque chest.  hahahaha!  Hours of fun!

Now let's make this clear: I am not stalking this man.  I'm not.  We just always run into each other at these events.  
He sees us, we all grin, he does the ol' handshake & man-hug with Jethro (it involves back patting of the most strenuous kind) and then I line up for my squeezy hug.  With that look on my face.  Oh my gosh, solid bass player and pro hugger.  We chat, the guys talk music, then I jiggle up and down on my tiptoes and ask for another hug, then I ask for a picture for PROOF that I got a hug.  That's all okay, right?

(He noticed my hair!  Said he liked it better when it was pink streaks all over, like last year, cuz it had more IMPACT but this is good too. Good enough for me too then, buddy-pal!)

I do stalk this guy though.

I follow him EVERYWHERE including to his hotel room and onto airplanes.  

He took this picture of me at crazy-o-clock in the morning, for a joke.

Then when I got home I did laundry for a day.

It's fun to go do the big rockstar thing but after five days in the city I gotta run.  Doesn't matter how beautiful that city is- and Vancouver is beautiful.  I just can't take it.  I'm glad we had to stop at the farm before heading home.  I flung a bit of horse manure and snuffled some horse muzzles just to keep it real.  

But Vancouver... (and you, Dilling!) I'd love to come back and see you again in the future!


Biddie said...

It looks like it was all crazy mad fun!
Any Jann Arden sightings???

Heidi the Hick said...

Sigh... no Jann. Hopefully she's just writing songs in a cabin somewhere.

It was crazy mad fun and now I am EXHAUSTED.

dilling said...

Ha! I can cover you with Nickelboob pictures...dang, Nicklebob...dang...Nickleplated...
er, you know, whomever...i got your back.

Heidi said...

So so fun!!I always love your photos! The joy is so palpable!

And those flowers look darn good in your hair!!

Have you seen Nickelback sing Photograph? With all their video stuff in the background? cause I'm in it! Whatever that LCD mongo screen show is called. A friend of mine did it and put in a picture of me at graduation with three of my friends.

I have yet to see it, but it's fun knowing it's there. I'm waiting for someone I knew back then to write me and say "Hey! I saw you at the Nickelboob concert!" I mean, Nickelback. :)

Heidi the Hick said...

Heidi that's great fun! You have so many brushes with fame! Now we're gonna have to find that video and figure out where you are. We have to.

I do think that video was cool. Although I wasn't as crazy about the song; I still do not know what was on Joey's head and I care less with every passing day.

I know what's on my head: half a bouquet of white roses, har har har!

Dilling- bring it! Lemme see! Did the pyro melt your camera? That darn near made me jump. Yikes!

Heidi said...

Heidi - I found a video on you tube taken at a concert. My picture is at the 43 seconds mark (Wonder if it's too late to go back and try to graduate). I'm the one in the middle in the cap and gown. :)


Angela said...

What a blast! Excellent photojournalism Heidi!

...and the guy with the stars?


Paul Tee said...

Welcome back to real life, Heidi. The air is too rarefied to breathe for long among such celebrities.

I do like the guy you are stalking.

Heidi the Hick said...

I like him too! (You do mean the big fella with the long hair, right?) The weirdest thing is all the different levels of celebrity. Very odd world.

Angela- that's why I call him "Hot Tommy!"

Heidi, we spent about 15 minutes looking for you! All we found was kind of blurry but we saw blonde hair so I'm assuming that was you, right?

pseudosu said...

Heidi-- Oh, so cool, and you, aw---
(head exploded from cuteness overload thus terminating this comment)

The Adult in Question said...

I love Hot Tom. Always have, always will.

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