Monday, March 30, 2009

Clothes! Parties! Rock Stars! Dilling!

It's about 11pm here on the west coast, which would be 1pm back home (if I had any sense of time left at all anymore) and I have to get up and git in the morning... here are my pictures from the red carpet, my visit with my wonderful amazing blogbuddy Dilling, and two record-label afterparties.  

"Hey!  You wanna be in our picture?"


Sometimes, I can't believe this is my life.  

Technicolor stage

Our visit was way too short, but better than not seeing each other at all.  She's awesome!

Me an' Starla trying out "fierce" like all the famous people.

awwwww.... he so niiiice....

If you were wondering if I got pictures of famous people... Yes. Although if you're not Canadian you might not recognize them.  (more tomorrow!)

It was a long and very exciting day.  After many hours standing around in dimly lit, loud rooms full of people, in a different time zone, I sort of let myself relax while waiting for Jethro to finish his "bizness networking."  I woke up when I felt the flash through my eyelids.  Geez.  

I was hard core tired.  We got to bed at 3 am and I was convinced that the sun was about to come up.

Speaking of which...



JKB said...


I know famous people. How utterly, utterly bizarre. :)

You look FAB too! And the J-daddy looks FAB too!


Matt Mullenix said...

Hey you guys dust off pretty good!

dilling said...

aw shucks....you guys rock solid!!!!

Kerri said...

You are way to cool for us peasants.

Biddie said...

At least you had mad fun out west. getting away for a few days, hanging with friends..sounds good! Too bad that Jethro didn't win, tho :(
How cool is it to walk the red carpet????