Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Change in the Air

It was warm, really truly warm for the first time in what felt like a year or two.  

I wore short sleeves and the wind felt good on my skin.  I didn't cover my ears when I went outside.  I didn't pull my hair back into a ponytail; I let it blow around my head and cover my face because it finally felt good.

After my writers group meeting, the sky was dark except for the glow of the lights in the parking lot.  I carried my hoodie over my arm instead of wearing it.  Well after 9 pm, I was still in short sleeves.  

I drove with the window down and my arm on the sill.  I could hear the truck accelerate through town from the outside, felt the cool breeze stir my unruly hair, smelled the exhaust mixed with the leftover dust of a long winter. 

The grass is green and it's raining this morning...


hayseed said...

I know-wasn't yesterday such a beautiful day!

marsh to the fore said...

My sisters in Wisconsin are talking about the weather in glowing terms too. I remember when spring came what a wonderful time that was every year!

pseudosu said...

Sounds like a shift in you hon. Good. Noticing is good. :)

Heidi said...

Another example of your exceptional writing. Are you sure this wasn't a scene from your book??

It's phenomenal, isn't it? I sometimes think all the bad winter weather is worth it for that feeling of coming back to life I get when it's suddenly warm.

There's nothing like it.