Monday, April 27, 2009

Pretty Kitty

I'm going cat-crazy!  My brain's been full of kitties since my visit to the shelter.  I want a cat again.  I even asked for my mom's permission; my critters often get dragged along with us to her place. When Nigel was young, before the babies were born, he always came with me. 

Mom says it could be time. We all miss that cat presence... Nigel did a good job of making us permanent house-cat people.

To prevent comparisons to our wonderful dearly departed Nigel, we are avoiding male cats or black cats.  It'll be hard for me because I looooove black cats.  But man, there are a lot of cats out there that I could love.

Take "Bernice" here for example:

Oh, so elegant and regal and girly!  Did you know that all calico cats are female?  And something like 1% of tortoiseshell cats are male?  Also, 2% of orange cats are female.  We had so many orange barn cats, and all, including Larry and Moe, are male.  My daughter Tribble thought a calico cat would be really nice to have.

She's gorgeous, and quiet and sweet.  But.

She doesn't really like to be picked up and cuddled.  (The Pennsylvania- Dutch word is something that sounds like "schmaechled.")  She's more of a "sit and admire me" cat.  Any cat of ours needs to be a cuddle monster. I'm sure she'll find somebody to give her the admiration she so deserves.

But while I was trying to earn Bernice's attention, this guy made a persuasive attempt to steal my heart...
Oh my gosh, he's about 17lbs of purring comedic affection.  He worked me over hard.  He was rolling over on his back, licking my knuckles, rubbing his cinder-block head under my chin!  Oh Henry!  
I loved him up and explained that we couldn't bring home another big gorgeous black cat.  But, I made it very clear to him that he's one heck of a guy, and he should just keep up the good work.  With a routine like that, he won't be living at the shelter for long.  He's just too good to pass up.  I'm cheering for him to find someone to love him.  Go Henry, Go!

Now this little monster could talk me into it.  She's two, but tiny, and the biggest ham in the room.

I have tons of pictures of her because she was always there!  Most of the pictures are of her tail... because her face was right up in mine.

I thought my fellow cat lady Lynn was going home with a little stowaway in her purse.  That's how insistent this kitty is.  

And look at those white whiskers!  That white chin and little white paws!  And green, green eyes!

We've been looking at the shelter's website for a couple weeks.  Tribble has already chosen this sweet little pretty thing.  She wants a long haired cat.  Heck why not.  The Pug's the only one in the family with short hair.  

This is a gorgeous kitten.  She's got the black markings and yellow eyes.  And friendly!

I'd rather take an adult cat than a kitten, partly because I'm not sure I'm strong enough to deal with kittenish misbehaviours at this point in my life.  Also, kittens are cute and will not stay at the shelter long, while adult cats might wait for a home.  But, this kitten is more likely to adapt to Life With Pug. 

We'll see...

Then my heart was truly stolen.  In a room by herself, on account of her dislike for other cats, was this little tortoiseshell cat.  I'd seen her on the website already, but in real life she's something special. 
I opened the door, said hello, and was greeted by the cutest little cat-speak noises! I love a cat who talks back!  
I patted her and ended up with a cat in my arms, under my hair, on my shoulder.  I wanted a picture of her but she was right in my face.  She talked to me in her little girly cat voice and I'm pretty sure she was asking me how big my house is, and does it have a nice sun spot?  

She's a little fart, with a big personality.  I think she's up for some "schmaechling."

Her colouring is amazing.  I could spend all day memorizing all those streaks and stripes and freckles and speckles. 

And... THOSE EYES.  You do know how I feel about pretty green eyes, right?  She's almost got owl eyes, they're so big.

I kinda really a lot like this cat.

I filled out the adoption application.  My concern is: does a cat who dislikes other cats have the possibility of getting along with a snorey, snuffly, grunty goofy little dog?  They told me they'd do a "dog introduction test" before approving her for us, or us for her.  If she accepts one of the dogs at the shelter, she'll likely be okay with the Pug.  Maybe.

If she is not the cat for us... I'm quite sure we'll find one who'll be happy to come live with us.  Either way, that shelter will be minus one cat soon. And we'll have one more critter to love.

(Then there's that big gentle Rottie mutt who sniffed my hand on the way past and gave me a dog smile... I need a bigger home... and a barn... and a few acres of land...)


natasha the exile on Mom Street said...

Yay for opening your home and heart for another feline in need!

I used to (see pre-motherhood) volunteer at our local no-kill shelter and ended up with 3 kitties!

JKB said...

Oh I would take all these cats. Poor things. :(

I'm anxious to see who you take!

BMGallop said...

I would take ten kitties if I could. I have one pony and that's enough...and I'm still a student so I suspect that when I finally have a house and room for creatures, I'll be "followed home" by several kitties from the pound.

Good luck with your kitty hunt!

Olly said...

I'd have all of them! Although, I do stick to the males. They tend to make better family pets and have a better sense of humour. Females, in my experience, are not as adapable, only like to play or be petted when it's their idea and are better suited for a one owner. But hey, I'm sure there are lots of girl kitties who can prove me wrong!

CindyDianne said...

She's adorable! I think she'll get on with Pug famously (after an adjustment period) and is just what y'all need!

So cute...

Astaryth said...

Oh, I think that kitty will be perfect for you. I hope she decides that she likes little pugs.

I know what you mean about having a soft spot for black cats. I do to. Especially Tuxedo black cats. Did you know that black cats are supposed to be the hardest to get adopted out? I was surprised when I was told this since, in addition to myself, I know lots of people who like them.

Angela said...

It always takes me about 2 weeks to assimilate a new pet into my cat family. I'm sure that most cats will accept a dog within that time. Good luck!

Heidi said...

Yay! What an awesome post! What great cats... and you have such a heart for all of them!

I'm so happy you're diving in again.

Heidi the Hick said...

We're going to the shelter after school this evening...

I am so sure if I had the cash I'd take home 3 or 4 but I want to make sure I can provide for all of them! Plus those two hooved beasties of mine. We'll see.

There are for sure personality differences between male & female cats. I think females are more business-like. Does that make sense?

And I did know that black cats stay at the shelters longer. Which is crazy because I love black cats so much.

It's just that it wouldn't be fair to the black cat because it'd be way too easy to compare him/her to Nigel, and he was like, perfect.

REady to get to know another one though!

coffeypot said...

The last one reminds me of Grizabella the Glamour Cat for the play “Cats.” She is the cat who performed the song “Memories.” But I really like the black and white one. He reminds me of my cat, Chaplin.

marsh to the fore said...

Looks like you picked the peach of the lot! When Plato was picked he didn't have that kind of competition and Plato--well, he just won our hearts immediately with that big goofy grin and thousand wags a day tail.

I hope the kitty gets a long with the pug!

dilling said...

k, michael said if i got another beagle i would be forever comparing it to Maggie....three years later? the comparison has never come to mind. they are individual...unique...their own... if you love the big black one and know he needs a home? that may not be given because he is black? aaaaaaaaaaieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....
dang the heartstrings....dang.

Heidi the Hick said...

Arrrgh... I really do like that big black cat!!

HOnestly in a perfect world I'd take home, like, five or six cats. I just can't decide!!!

The shelter was closed today when we went after school, but we're planning another trip for tomorrow afternoon. It might be a tough choice, but I've told the kids we do not have to decide right away. It's important to pick the cat who'll have the best chance of fitting in with our family.

(I want them alllll!!!!!)

Kerri said...

I'd want all of them. I love that you're getting them from a shelter. There are so many unwanted or mistreated animals in the world that need a good home and lots of love.

hayseed said...

Good luck picking the cat- I seriously would not worry so much about the colour-
schmaechling (or whatever you called it) would be my major prerequisite. A non-cuddling cat is one of life's greatest letdowns. So many cats, so little time!

Balloon Pirate said...

The little black-n-white one looks like a quarter-sized version of Popper, aka 'the world's furriest doorstop/footrest/meatloaf.'
The tortie looks like Scarface, who died fifteen years ago, and also like Abbyno, who died three years ago, and also like Wendyno, who died Christmas eve.

I kinda like torties. Hope this one comes home with you.

Sorry about Nigel. I know how that feels.

I've started blogging again. Check yer mail.


Anonymous said...

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