Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hick chic, hippy chic, geek chic, shabby chic... BIKER CHIC?

These pictures were taken at the Little Valley about three weeks ago (when the grass was still brown.)  I almost forgot about my little motorcycle adventure!  I'd been out cleaning the barn when somebody insisted I trade four hooves for two wheels...

Have I ever mentioned I'm not very good on two wheels?  My fellow farm girl and Mother of the Little Valley, Susan, totally gets it.  "We grew up riding ponies, not bikes!"

But after a few close moments (notice how many trees there are out there???)  I got the whole throttle/ brake thing mostly figured out and it was getting to be kinda fun!

And that machine is just my size!  How cute is it?  It's a 1968 Honda.  It ended up at the Little Valley last fall with two others, in need of some repairs.  Some people just loooove their projects.  

I think the helmet makes me look like the Great Gazoo.

Y'know, I think I could get used to this.  With my tough pink bandanna, and my artificially coloured hair, and super slick barn jacket.  And my SNEER.  I've definitely got the Don't Mess With Me Sneer.  
 And dude, like most situations in life, the BOOTS totally make the outfit.  


jules said...

Girl, you are SO totally cool! I LUVLUVLUV the last shot of you! And yes, the boots make the outfit.

I remember those little bikes. We had a 'gang' at the lake house growing up. SOme of the kids had these. I had a Sears 105. Yep, that's me, hip and cool. heh

Paul Tee said...

Looks like great fun. But one thing puzzles me. Do you have a horde of paparazzi hounding you, taking all those pictures? Nah--you're just hamming it up, aren't u?

pseudosu said...

omg-- you DO have the sneer down! (those boots = awesome btw. they're just like mine which will be making an appearance in a kayak race sat. think the other racers w/b impressed?)

marsh to the fore said...

Definitely a cool, biker gal!

Heidi the Hick said...

Jules, I fake it pretty good eh? haha! The sneer pic turned out pretty good. We all laughed our butts off at that one. My cousins had a couple of dirt bikes but I honestly can't remember if I ever got up the guts to ride them. I of course rode their ponies instead!

Paul- Yep, hamming it up, as usual! The paparazzi gave me a funny mental image; they're hiding in all those trees.

It was Lumberjack Dave, Fixer of Bikes and Keeper of Forest. After he handed me the helmet and convinced me to get on, he ran for the camera so Susan could take pictures. Maybe he had to prove that I was brave enough?

Sue, you Dangerous Girl...You gotta wear the boots. They're all purpose, practical, and even cute in the right circumstances! How could the other guys not be impressed?

Marsh, definitely? If you say so, then that's me!

Heidi the Hick said...

Also, I didn't bust the headlight. It came like that. Lumberjack Dave says he'll fix it one o these days.

JKB said...


The sneer is very Johnny Depp.


Heidi the Hick said...

That's cuz he's my separated twin brother born eight years earlier.

Patti said...

I've always wanted to try one of those. How fun. I agree nice boots.

coffeypot said...

I'm just impressed that you didn't have training wheels. But as tall as I am (6'4") and as little as that bike is, well, I would be looking between my knees like looking through the hind sights of a rifle.

And you are prettier as a horse lady than as a biker bitch.