Saturday, March 28, 2009

Black tie PICTURES awards gala PICTURES Jethro and I cleaned up PICTURES

SPOILER ALERT:  Jethro did not win the Juno award for Engineer of the Year. It went to the awesome Kevin Churko, who also won last year.  (I think Jethro's relieved- he hates being the centre of attention.)

That's what he's got me for.  I can't help it; I tend to do stupid things regardless of where I am.  Here I am  ironing my VINTAGE dress.  I know- my talents are far reaching, eh?  Meanwhile, Jethro had a hard time picking between his black shirt, and his black shirt. 

He took pictures and then I freaked out that I had to put on my face and everything, so... he finished ironing the ruffle.  He is awesome.  

OH look, here we are!  This is the first time I've worn a black dress to one of these things.  I used to always wear black (like twenty years ago at my prom!) but then a few years ago my brain rearranged itself and now I like pink.   

Hence pink roses in my hair and pink shoes.  TELL ME YOU LOVE MY SHOES.  I know you do, don't even try to be all cool about it.  You totally love my shoes!

Oh look, our Bubba finally got to leave the studio for a weekend!  Here he is, all cleaned up and showing off his lovely little lady, Starla!
Starla rocks.  She and I like to see who's taller depending on what shoes we're wearing.  You should tell Starla that you like her shoes too, okay?

Starla took me shoe shopping yesterday.  We are a truly awesome shopping team, because we both like to pick things up and touch them and whisper about how much we love the item and how cute it is... and then not buy it because it costs too much. 

Hey- look what I found at our table:

This is so funny!  Just think about it: Cougars for Kroegar.  What?  Are we voting?  Am I old enough to be a cougar?  Is there a Best Belt Buckle award that I didnt know about???

But wait- it gets better.  Halfway through the night, after I'd passed them around to the rest of the table, a security jarhead came along, you know, with the little cord behind his ear and everything, to scoop up the last of them.  Turns out, these little buttons were "unauthorized" and caused a "security breach."  Come on, that is some funny stuff!

Also funny: the fact that when I tried on my 20-year old dress, I did not sit down in it.  It got reeeeally tight.  Ooof.
And yet, I smiled for the camera.  So did Jethro.  He was not, NOT inebriated in this picture (or at all this evening), he simply does not like having his picture taken.

I like this one...
...except for my forehead vein.  And my evil red eyes.  I'll have to fix that later.  Unless I pop a vein later. 

Darnit, we always look drunk in these pictures, and we're not!  I don't get it.  Weird. 

So like, they put white roses all over the tables, and by the end of the evening, I am doing this:
I cannot be trusted.


Olly said...

Oh you two look great! And you look like you're having a ball! I'm glad Jethro's not all bummed out about not winning. A little paid-for vacation should not be spoiled by "details".

Kerri said...

I love, love those pictures. Your hair: fantastic. Your dress: gorgeous. Your shoes: divine. I love pink! Sorry he didn't win, but when you've got a trophy wife, who needs a hunk of metal/stone/whatever it was. Glad you had a great time!!!

Paul Tee said...

It's nice to be recognized by your peers for your achievement. Jethro made the short list, that is a great honour in itself. I would give anything to be on the short list for the Giller. Of course then I would want to know who to choke to win . . . Opps! I can't believe I said that aloud.

Nice pics.

A Paperback Writer said...

Wow. You are SO pretty.
Glad I dropped by and saw all the pics.
Looks like you had a fun time.

coffeypot said...

You both looked great and I bet you had a great time, too.

Heidi said...

You are just all kinds of fabulous!!

You and Jethro look fantastic, and you look like you are having an awesome time. Love the shoes, the flowers, the pink, the dress, the eye candy on your arm. :)

I'm glad you had such a great time. And we all know Jethro's the real winner. :)

Pony Girl said...

I loved the pink shoes!!! :)

pseudosu said...

You were rocking that hair girl. Fab all the way around. The last pic is awesomeness personified.

CindyDianne said...

Awesome dress. Love.the.shoes. You looked gorgeous!

I wish Jethro won...

Biddie said...

Tuth be told, I did not feel it in my gut like I did the time that he won, but I was hoping.
I'm glad that you're having (or had) fun anyway..Who did you meet this time around?

Paul Tee said...

Real great pictures, Heidi. As an observation: Jethro looks the same in all the pictures. If it weren't for the change of clothes, I'd swear you are giving us the same shot. One could cut out his face, paste it over the next and find absolutely no difference. People who have such carefully constructed picture persona, usually don't like having their picture taken. To get something candid, you have to ambush them.
You guys were well coordinated in black; he looked distinguished with his bronze tie, and on you the pink was the perfect touch. I watched the whole of e-talk red carpet coverage but missed your entrance.

Biddie said...

I forgot, I really do like the shoes!

Anonymous said...

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