Sunday, January 21, 2007

If Wishes Were Horses, (or pickup trucks) Heidi Wouldn't Walk Anywhere

I have heard of or read of an interesting theory that in order to make something happen for you, or to acquire what you desire (Like that? Acquire/desire?) you should write down your request. Apparently your wishes are not really a concrete solid future reality until written down. I believe this theory is called a Universe Wish List.

I've heard that if you imagine that your wishes are ALREADY A REALITY all you need to do is wait serenely for the desired whatever-it-is to come into your life. This is where things get a little fuzzy for me. Like, I'm not crazy about someone walking past my house and saying, "Hmm, that is a very pretty little house. I'm going to tell myself that it's my house." Isn't that a little creepy???? HOWEVER I have done this. I'm stalking a farm right now. I have been for years. I feel terrible about it. People live there. And stalking is not good in any way, ever, no matter who's involved- it's bad. And yet, it shames me to admit it, I have a picture of that farm on my bulletin board behind my desk. Right above a photo of a horse who is not yet mine.

Well, call me covetous, but I've gotten into a habit of writing down a list in my journal every couple of months.

Believe it or not...it works.

Since starting up my list, I've gotten my basement redone, which really shouldn't count because we got Grandpar involved, and the bank, and a five month Renovation From Hell Which I Am Still Not Ready To Talk About. But the point is, I wrote it down and I got it.

-I painted my bedroom purple. I couldn't afford paint. I wrote it down. Some cash got freed up. Our bedroom is purple. (Don't cringe: it's a very dark, smoky, mysterious purple and I look amazing wearing this room.)

-I got a garden shed a few years back. It's a Stupid Crappy Cheap Tin Shed and it's been beat to heck but it keeps the weather off our bikes and stuff.

-I got a brake job for my old station wagon. I wrote in my journal, BRAKES FOR MOTHERSHIP and I got em. I like brakes.

- a piano.

-a pickup truck.

So. That last one. Yes, as you all know, I got that pickup truck. Did I ever.

I've spent three years turning it from a $1600 truck into about a $5000 truck. I insist that doing it this way was still easier to manage than getting a loan and doing monthly payments.



Okay, Universe? Listen, I don't generally make deals. I don't call up God and say, hey God, tell you what. How bout if you give me what I want and then I promise to be good for X amount of weeks, ok? I don't do that. I'm not superstitious. I don't pray for material things. But I'm getting desperate.

So, dear omnipotent Universe, provider of quality GM Automotive parts, here is my new list:

GMC V8 small block engine
305 or 350
must be compatible in 1989 full size pickup truck
fuel injected

That's about it. Doesn't have to be bored out or have a hot cam shaft in it. I mean, that'd be niiiiice but I'll take what I can get, you know, because I don't want to appear greedy.

But Universe? If you happen to come across a nice gently used stock trailer you could maybe figuratively drop that in my lap too okay?

Oh, and...if you find anybody in charge of horses, well, I know what I want.
I just need a few bills so I can go get it. Think you can help me with that??

Because if I can get all of that together I'd be right back in bizness.

Thanks, Universe. Oh and, do you think we could put a rush order on the small block V8? I have a pilates class on Tuesday and it's very important for my spinal health that I go to it. I'm not in it for the outfits and the tunes, eh? And then I have to take kids to lessons on Wednesday...so not to be pushy or anything but it'd be great if we could work this all out cash wise and time wise all efficiently. Greeeaaaat.

Again, thanks. By the way, I really love the Mac Powerbook you gave me last year.

Yours Truly,

ps. It's not normal for me to blog on a Sunday night. Or be drinking a glass of port while blogging on a Sunday evening. But I'm feeling all warm and sweet toothed, and really do feel deprived of my Friday fun blog, so may I add one more item to my Universe Wish List?
I'd like to declare that I wish one of these guys pictured here would read something I wrote, decide that it's brilliant, and then talk to the other one of these guys because they should put their heads together and make a movie out of it. I have lots of eery stories in the vault, guys.

Thanks again, Universe. You look really pretty with all those stars.


terry said...

can we see pictures of the purple bedroom??

and you're an inspiration, with all the wish-lists that come true...

captain corky said...

Sweet truck Heidi! Hope you get that engine. I'm going to use your method of writing stuff down. Thorwing pennies into a fountain hasn't worked so good up to this point.

Timmy said...

I need to do this!

Stalking is fun!

Heidi the Hick said...

Terry, I should show off our nice room. I have to get rid of some dust Klingons first. Yeah, they're not bunnies they're Klingons. Now go write a list!

Corky, thanks. I love my truck but it frustrates me. As if parking the dang thing wasn't hard enough, now I gotta spend MORE money on it. Now go write a list!

Timmy, darling, while stalking is probably good fun, being stalked is actually not fun at all. Quite terrifying really. But let's not get bogged down in that, because you must now go write a list!

Heidi the Hick said...

I do hope that you can all recognize that I busted out some sarcasm in this post. Didja like that???

Life, or Something Like It said...

You mean, that's all I have to do? Wowzeers. I'm off to write myself a little list right now!

Heidi the Hick said...

Yes, that's right Biddie, it works EXACTLY LIKE THAT.

It's just THAT EASY.

They should be droppin off my new small block riiiiight about......NOW.


Heidi the Hick said...

Ok, in all seriousness...

I think the theory goes that you won't work towards your goal, consciously or subconsciously, unless you write it down. Your brain doesn't really believe you until you take that step, so in your mind, it's not really going to happen.

I don't know how much faith i put in this. BUT- I'm working on fixing up a stall in the barn for a third horse. And I have shelf space behind my desk for a copy of that little book I'm going to sell some day.

Maybe I should yank the motor outta the truck, you know, so I have a big available space for the new one....

CindyDianne said...

Interestingly enough, we've been studying this in Bible study. And one of our assignments is to jounal "where we are and we we wanna be" in 90 days. We are supposed to write something everyday.

Problem. I blog because I don't journal.

I may have to blog it...but that seems...wrong somehow.

I'll try making a list!

Balloon Pirate said...

perhaps you should read the dynamics of prayer for solving problems:



Heidi the Hick said...

Well you know Cindy, I'm a freak because I keep a journal, two blogs and a writing notebook. I just can't shut up.

Suggestion: go pick up a cheap cute little notebook that you can carry with you. Write out all your stuff in point form to take the pressure off.

I wasn't going to blog this. I wasn't even wanting to write about my screwed up motor. But I thought about this all weekend!! I had to share it.

OK now I'm going to get back at my farm wish list. It's an ongoing project!

Nicole Brackett said...

Well, shoot! Looks like I'm yer huckleberry, Heidi. I've got a big old stock trailer I'd love to upgrade to a 2-horse slant. I've also got a few too many horses, so come take your pick (all the way from Canada (eh) to Arizona). Mine are Arabians, though. Looks like you're an Appy/POA gal, judging by the spotted-butt pic. Beware of truck/trailer/horse lust, though. It'll wear you down.

Heidi the Hick said...

Nicole, too bad that's a heck of a long drive!

My last horse was Arab/ Quarter horse. My kids have an Appaloosa mare, and we're borrowing another one until I get a new horse for myself. I am quite hooked on Appaloosa but I still love Arabs. I'll have another one some day, I'm sure!

Yeah, the truck/trailer/horse lust has been eating me alive for most of my life. I am right snakey crazy by now, for sure!

Heidi the Hick said...

Pirate- where do you find this stuff????

her indoors said...

got the pen and paper ready so off i go to write me a list!

Angel said...

Hey Heidi, You could see if your local library has the 'Celebrity Locator' in their referance section. Or I could just get Tim & Johnny's addresses for you... ya wanna?

Angel said...

Oh yeah.. one more thing. You know the phrase "I'll believe it when I see it"?

Well change that to "I'll see it when I believe it" and see what happens.

Heidi the Hick said...


so true. I love how that phrase can be turned around!!

As for Tim & Johnny... You're joking right? Right? RIGHT?!?

Can you imagine? Dear Tim & Johnny. Yooze gyz are my heroes. Plez make this gud story into a muvie. Thanx. Luv, Heidi.

Angel said...

Well sure! I don't see why not! Anything is possible.

Actually I'd kinda like Tim to be a consultant on my Blood at First Bite rock opera.

Heidi the Hick said...

I'd like to see the results of that!

LeRoy Dissing said...

Wish lists...we all have them. Then there is the "To do list" and of course the famous "Honey do list"...I will assume Heidi that your list is a compliation of all three...or is that like "wish upon a star"?

My only wish is for peace....

cara winsor hehir said...

so you wished for a tin shed and it came true?
well, my tin shed needs a roof (what use is a tin shed without a bloody roof!?!).
i wish for a tin roof to go with my tin shed.
i'll let you know what happens.

DINK PINK said...


Tod said...

Well I love your truck! It's fab. If I had a wish list it would say, "Git me one of those trucks nayah!"

Heidi the Hick said...

Cara- the tin roof is ALREADY YOURS!! yeah, keep me posted on that. I also want to know how the tin shed ended up without a tin roof...

Leroy, I wish we'd all wish for peace.

Mar- Oh that's good news! What CD is it?

Tod-I love my truck too! I love driving it down the road. but I DON'T love parking it! Or paying for gas!
I'd love to hear you make that exclaimation in your English accent Tod!

JJ said...

Hmm, I'll have to try this out!

I believe a Tim Burton-Johnny Depp-Heidi the Hick-combo would be a-frigging-mazing! Make it happen! :P

Heidi the Hick said...

JJ it would be a dream come true. I might not live through it. Those two guys are so far out of my league it's a different planet!

But I can improve... Must go back to work on that story about the depressed mother with two little feathery creatures on her shoulders. Hmmm...

ORION said...

I LOVE this blog!!!!!
Heidi this is great.
Now I get your comment on my blog.

Therese Fowler said...

Heidi, you rock, girl! Love this blog!

Thanks for visiting mine.

Hey everybody, don't just take Heidi's word for it: the wish-list WORKS. The Universe sometimes dinks around about granting wishes...and it doesn't always follow my wish musings to the letter...

BUT, it works.

If only it worked ALL THE TIME.

Except then Garth Brooks never would've had his hit song "Unanswered Prayers."

(Some folks wouldn't mind that.)

Heidi, btw, I come from John Deere country. Go Green!