Friday, August 11, 2006

Unloading some brain garbage...

Part One
Want to know another reason why life is unfair? Need more reasons other than:
-I still live in a subdivision
- don't know how long it will be until we can pack it in and retreat to the sticks
-my hair isn't growing in pink, no matter how often I dye it

I'll tell you why the world is unfair. Because this person, this absolute anti-hick, this person who sucks up more of the planet's resources than most African nations, this clueless waste of breathing space, whose name shall remain unspoken here, has made a recording. It contains her voice which I'm sure many engineers, possibly, like, twenty, had to spend weeks hunched over a ProTools station chopping up her vocals and pitch correcting, possibly upwards of fifty takes on every track just to get enough individual syllables to string together into words in order to make songs, and hey, at least these guys had some income for a while, even if it meant aural torture...I said "aural" not "Oral"...

...while other people who have talent are still trying to make a living independently by making a good record and selling it.

Like this young woman. Her name is Sarah McCully. Look at the website.

She's incredibly talented, has put the work in, writes, and is naturally beautiful. And isn't an attention grabbing cow.

Please don't give in to the plastic nasty!!!

Part Two
I always said that if I got a tattoo, it would be either a ring under my wedding band, or my horse. Now that I don't have my gorgeous red horse anymore, I feel even more like I want him on my skin. I'd put it on the inside of my left forearm, where I could see it. It would be a pose like this:because he was so magnificent when he was running, with his neck arched and his tail flagging out behind him.

Problem is, I don't know how I feel about tattoos yet. I like them on other people. I like the idea of something meaning so much to a person that it could be worn permanently on the body.

I'm a little freaked out that it's permanent! You know, marriage, kids, baptism...I'm cool with all of that, but a tattoo!!!

And Jethro is kind of grossed out by it. He spend too many years doing live sound in bars, setting up the board while the afternoon strippers were clearing out. He saw some nasty tattoo/stretch mark combinations.

But, speaking of tattoos...
Part Three

This guy.

He fronts a band called A Fire Inside, more commonly known as AFI. He has his entire right arm tattooed with scenes from Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas. I mean, he may be waxing his eyebrows and getting manicures but he's got Jack Skellington on his arm. Instantly I think he's cool.

Plus he's a wicked vocalist. I'll be reviewing his latest effort one of these days on My Other Blog.

Part Four
Speaking of manicures...I was on my son's case because he hadn't cut his fingernails in a long time. This led to me accusing him of having "girl fingernails" which I know is kind of mean, but then this led somehow to me telling him that if he cut his nails I'd paint them black for him like various punkish rock type stars.

It worked. Can you believe it? I painted our toenails and fingernails black.
(I really hope that this hand gesture doesn't mean something dirty. I'm assuming it's a variation on the old throwin the horns. If it means something else, could you please be so kind as to inform me???)

It matches the little guitar that I play. We're totally ready to rock now.

Part Five
My horse, again. I can't get over the attitude shift at the farm. Things are really different without the equine rock star. Two mares together are a whole other vibe. They don't care to show off. Just pet them nicely and let them go eat. It's very calm and quite comforting. Hassle free. But I miss the arrogance.

I'll just have to console myself with rock stars. And my black fingernails.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Don't go with the tattoo. Too many of those already. Nothing beats unblemished skin.

Heidi the Hick said...

This is what I'm talking about! It's so rare to have tattoo free skin now. I'd be a rebel...by NOT having one!

Life, or Something Like It said...

Ok. tattoos. I like 'em. I like kinda discrete,pretty,or meaningful ones. I thought about mine for months before I went out to get it. Months. After i got it, I loved it. Couldn't stop looking at it. Then,after the newness wore off,I was so pissed at myself for actually permanately scarring myself. Now, 14 years or so later, I like it again. Mind you, it is somewhere that most people don't see it,and I don't like like a practise pad for a bunch of bikers.
( think Christine ). Some people get addicted. Also, I don't look like a dyke,which would be cool if I was one. ( Christine,again )
Paris Hilton. Don't get me started.
The Boy and his nails. Whatever works.
The horses. You really are falling for the little mare. I know that it's not the same without Champ. He was the KIng of the farm. Always will be.

Heidi the Hick said...

You know, I keep forgetting about your tattoo. It is a nice one. And it's in a good spot.
(I'm sorry I kept calling her "my stoopit friend Christine." I had to! I just had to!)

Biddie, I don't know what I'm going to do about that broodmare. Wait til you see the photos of them together. They're like sisters. Oh my poor aching heart.

dilling said...

um, I have tattoos...all meaningful. I love them, each of them. I love looking at them, knowing they are there...most can be covered, and I like the secret that underneath my clothes is something MINE(besides the obvious stuff, wink)...including two large horses with one more on the way soon...also, a memorial tattoo does not have to be so literal...I have my cherry blossums for Maggie, my dog...In traditional japanese tattoo, they represent the transience of life(appropriate, eh?) and my very favorite picture of us together is in a little grove of cherry trees in blossum...I couldn't put a picture of a beagle on me. I just couldn't do it. Last note, tattoo artists make art, absolutely... there are people out there who will charge money to put ink under your skin... it doesn't make him or her an artist. Do your research.
Descend from soap box now.

dilling said...

....oh, and....if you are hesitant at all, don't do it. It needs to be a fully embraced decision.

Balloon Pirate said...

Some of the inkers around here will draw a potential tattoo for a few bucks. Walk around with it, and see how you like it.

I don't have a strong opinion on tattoos either way...I've never come up with anything that I would want to have on me forever.

Of course, I never had Champ.

Speaking of undeserved lack of fame: http://www.gracepotter.com/bio.html

I get the feeling you'd love her.

Did you know that Nightmare Before Christmas is going to be re-released in the theaters in October in 'RealD' 3-D? The kids and I saw 'Monster House' in RealD, and it's truly a phenomenal process. I have a slight inner ear problem, and sometimes 3-D effects get me dizzy, but this one didn't.

Plus, if you take off the glasses, it looks just like a regular movie.

I think I'll get a RealD tattoo. Wouldn't that be cool? It would hover right above your skin....


Notsocranky Yankee said...

Skip the tattoo if you're in the least bit hesitant to do it.

I'm sorry but I don't like that guy's purple eye shadow. But I bet your boy's black fingernails look cool!

Life, or Something Like It said...

I don't want anyone to think that I think you look like a dyke with tattoos. I was just using an example....Christine. And, again, if you are a dyke, then no problem.

Heidi the Hick said...

Dilling- I always wondered what your tattoo is about (I assumed that was your tattoo in the picture). That was really good advice!

Pirate- I think the temporary is a good idea. The hologram tattoo is an even better idea!

Thanks for the headsup on the movie and I'll check out the singer later tonight.

Yankee- yeah I prefer the purple eyeshadow on my own eyelids. I like a pretty man, I really do, just not quite that pretty! (But he does possess I heavy scream.)


The Adult in Question said...

I really can't decide wether I want a tattoo or not I have been debating it for a very long time. The thing that always gets me is the bday card you sent me that said not to get anything else pierced or a tattoo. (I still have the card if you'd like to see it.)
And this is the part you're going to hate me for - I ripped Paris Hilton's track off the net. Yep, I like the song and it's not so bad if you pretend that it's Blondie. But I have listened to Sarah - remember??? (We helped her choose the pic for her album cover...)

Heidi the Hick said...

KC- It would take a lot more than you liking that song to make me hate you!!! Usually I insist that people pay for music because I believe in artists and engineers and producers getting paid but in this case I hope you stole it.

I do remember that card- I was only half joking!

And I remember when we were at the studio when Sarah was there. That was a good evening.

The Adult in Question said...

I think artists like Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson,Paris Hilton etc. deserve to be ripped off the net. I always steal the lame music.

CindyDianne said...

Let's see:

I feel you on the subdivision and the who knows how long until I can escape.

Paris - do not even get me started. Even the super produced, professionally altered version of the song is painful to my ears.

Tattoo - I have one on my foot and like it. I want another. My advice is don't get one if you aren't sure. Or if you have an addictive personality. They are addictive. Why do you think so many people have so many of them?

Manicures - I volunteered to paint the Girl's toes yesterday and wound up trimming and filing! Well! They needed it. Whatever it takes. And I have a black guitar!!

Horses - *sigh* (I don't even know what to say here, but I understand) I do have a nice photo of equine backsides on my blog, don't I? :-)

Life, or Something Like It said...

Would you be sad to know that Large Man loves That awful Paris Hilton song?

Old Scrote said...

Just came to visit and the first thing I see is the silicone babe. Who finds them attractive, for goodness' sake?

About the tattoo: if you really want one, put it on your nice round bum so only closest friends get the benefit.

Keep banging the rocks, Heidi.

nomadjf said...

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Halie says she thinks, but not sure, that the hand gesture means "west side" - I have no idea any further than that.... LOL! And she says to tell you that the dude from AFI is HAWWWWWWT!! OK.

So I say get the tattoo of your horse. The release of pain involved with the acutal tattoing, then the therapy of having that image with you always... sometimes people don't get tattoos for "coolness" but to mark a life changing event. Or so it was for me.

Smartypants said...

Twice when someone close to me has gotten a tattoo, I've had a dream that night of getting one for myself and regretting it like crazy in the dream.

I took it as a sign but still sometimes think about it...

Heidi the Hick said...

cindy-I have an addictive personality! Look at my blogging fixation!

Biddie, actually, I love the thought of Large Man digging that song. Great visual!!! Let's dance!!!

Jake- My husband does not find silicone babes attractive. Just so you know. And also that's a good idea....except that I'd be tempted to moon people all the time which may or may not be a bad or good thing.

Beck- that's what I was thinking. Pain and release and memorial. Maybe...

Tell your girl that The Dude From AFI will be making another appearance here one of these days!

Smarty- Honestly, what you just said could have come out of my mouth. That's what I keep thinking. I want a tattoo but I don't want to regret it. I have the same skin I was born with. BUT I STILL THINK ABOUT IT!

Timmy said...

love the fingernails! you and your son are rockstars now!

Heidi the Hick said...

yeah baby, we rock and now we rock visibly!