Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Things My Horses Have Taught Me.

Common sense is sadly uncommon.

Sometimes, you will think it's too cold or too hot or too whatever to go out and do something. You should go outside anyways. You might regret it but there's a better chance you'll have a decent time.

Every single action is made up of small steps. You can't ride through the river if you haven't even learned how to walk forward yet.

Always know who you look up to and who you're looking down on.

(DW, NT, and me) Good friends are irreplaceable.

Be polite. Or the boss hoss will bite you.

Always listen. There's a lot going on. Try to pay attention.

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

There are things that you should be afraid of. You need to know that a two year old unbroke horse can hurt you. But you can never turn your back on the bomb proof 20 year old horse either.

And there are some things you need to not be afraid of. Mailboxes don't eat horses. Mailboxes don't eat horses. Mailboxes don't eat horses. Ride past. Don't even look at it.

-Don't get lazy in the head. As soon as you stop paying attention, your horse will stop walking.

If you go after somebody like you're out to get 'im, he'll run away.

Don't get pushed around. Choose who you let into your space.

Always leave them wanting more.

Fear will drive the ones you want away from you. Respect will bring them in. Trust will keep them with you.

Never shit where you eat.

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Smartypants said...

Ooo! Loved this post. Thanks for the horse pictures.

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