Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A year ago I was touring the Kentucky Horse Park

We were on the way home. It was the end of our 2nd Florida trip which meant I'd had to drive past the Horse Park three times with my face pressed to the window regretfully. Not this time. Not many tourists, which meant many of the displays and shows were closed, but we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Sweet! Here we see a hick and her two children admiring Man O War's final resting place. He's got a decent view.

Even though I grew up wth horses I saw a few firsts, like this guy, a Bashkir Curly. It's a hypoallergenic horse! (Pluvialis, this horse is for you!) In this photo he unfortunately just looks like he needs a good grooming, but his coat is actually wavy. He's rather short haired for his breed; apparently some Curlies end up with ringlets.

Then we found a nice horse for Big Daddy.He's an English Shire Horse. Isn't he gorgeous! Around 18hh. Nice little horse.

Dig my swagger:I walk funny but that is a nice corduroy jacket on me. It's got a brown plaid lining, like the seats on a '76 Nova. Rockin.

A Chincoteague pony:

This guy is ponying the flashy Saddlebred from his trusty Appaloosa. This is how I broke our little Appaloosa filly; I rode my slightly trusty half-arab with the filly's lead rope around the horn. Works pretty good. You really can ride 2 horses at once- if you know what you're doing!

Here's the Curly again: He's pretty cute.

This is Cigar.He may be the Dud Stud but he is a Rock Star among horses. What a delightfully haughty horse!

One more look at Pretty Boy Floyd the Appaloosa and his super cool rider.

And last but not least, one of my favourites of the day, Zsa Zsa, the ZEEDONK!


Smartypants said...

I went to the Kentucky Horse Park, too, and was in heaven.

Thanks for the great pictures and memories! If you feel like posting more pictures, I wouldn't be adverse....hint....hint...

= )

Heidi the Hick said...

If you like horse pictures, I can keep you busy for a long time!!

pluvialis said...

I want a Bashkir Curly! Heidi, what have you DONE!!!?!!?