Friday, December 02, 2005

Tractors: useful and interesting to look at too

I love them so much I'd put one on my front lawn just because they're so cool

This is the workhorse. When I was a kid my dad tore this tractor down and built it back up again. It looks like it could use another overhaul but we need it too much to put it in the shop!

I learned to drive on a John Deere when I was 12. I had to wait until my feet could reach the pedals. It's such a great way to learn to drive. Clutch on one side, brake on the other. Put the clutch in, put it in gear, repeat. I highly recommend this approad to anybody afraid of driving. And the world looks so cool when you see it from the tractor seat. And much slower.

Underneath all the essential extras there is a late fifties tractor. 1958 I think. Still gets used daily. See, nothing runs like a Deere. It's the truth, I'm telling ya, please believe.

Disadvantage: it gets darn cold in the winter in a tractor with no cab. That's why you need the thermal coveralls. And the toque, and the hood.

If you have never heard the unmistakeable puttering of a two cylinder John Deere I recommend heading off to a plowing match or fall fair. It's the coolest sound. Musicians especially have to check it out. It has to be older than the 60's because you only get that sound from the 2 cylinder.

My tractor is in the barn in a mid-reconstruction state. I'll get to that later. After I give you another talk on Hick Fashion, coming up after the weekend. That'll be worth waiting for, eh?

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