Friday, December 02, 2005

Good things about living in town

I do this every now and then to make living in town bearable. It's not so hard really, when I think about my neighbours.

I have been blessed with the best neighbours. We watch out for each other, we hand clothes down to each other when our kids grow out of them, and we take care of each others kids on a regular basis-because we want to! Often, we even feed each other.

It took me quite some time to get to know everybody, and before we were all chummy I felt so lonely and isolated. I didn't know anybody here, we'd moved 6 times in as many years, and my husband put in long days at work. Now that I think about it, good thing I saved the breakdown for later when my kids were older and my neighbours are on board, eh?

I've had a few stretches in the past 8 years that we've been here that I haven't had my own wheels. I know from experience that out in the country that is a huge problem. Here, I can walk to the grocery store.

This summer Big Daddy and I each got new bikes, and for the first time we could do family biking trips. I never was great at biking. Pony riding yes, but on a bike I was actually nervous! There are all kinds of trails in this town and we made use of them. The kids and I used our bikes as regular transportation this past summer rather than fire up the guzzler. We'd chain up our bikes and I would think of tying up horses, and how bikes don't paw at the ground with their hooves or get thirsty or impatient.

Oh, and one of the best things about living in town: You don't have as far to carry your wine glass at the end of the night when you walk home from the friends you were visiting.

If and when the day comes that I leave these people, I will promise them a fold out bed to sleep on and a standing offer for a weekend in the country.

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