Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ode to the Coolest Hick I Know

This is my old man at the automotive flea market in September. In the foreground is the Best Truck In The World. He actually camped there for the weekend, livin on beans like a hobo, and had a great time. He knew all his neighbours by the time we got there. He borrowed the tent from my in-laws because my folks don't camp. My mom grew up very amenity-free and has no desire to rough it. But she did make sure my dad had toilet paper before he left. (She thought is was very cute the way he was all excited about his little trip. Like a kid going to camp, although we know nothing about that because we never went to "Camp").

Note the super cool stance on this guy. Note the hat, and wallet chain, and boots. Seriously, he's the epitomy of a cool hick. And he knows it too! Because I told him.

He was so bummed out when I told him the Red Green Show is finished now. He thought he could maybe get on the show with his Town and Country Van, aka The Woody Wagon. Geez, even in a minivan he's a cool hick. Effortless.

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fatrobot said...

very cool!