Friday, December 09, 2005

Cat & Dog, living together!!!

Cat has accepted that dog lives here and is not going away, no matter how hard he ignores him. I was kind of worried that my loyal and devoted cat would be really frickin' pissed off at me for bringing this obnoxious chewing pooping machine into our home, but in the last two weeks I've realized that it'll all be fine. First of all, Cat has no problem swatting Dog when needed. Also, he's perfected the art of Puppy Torture. It goes like this:
Lie on couch, with either paw or tip of tail draped over the edge. Wait for Puppy to notice. quickly yank out of reach. Keep appendage just a few inches away from snapping jaws of Puppy, who can't quite reach, no matter how hard he barks, even though he has placed his paws on the edge of the couch. Look Extremely Smug.

The good thing is, Cat finally has someone who wants to lick his ears for him. Actually dog wants to lick Cat's butt too, but Cat is just not that kind of guy. Either that, or he is hygenic enough that he doesn't want his own butt stink transferred to his ears. Can't blame him. Dog just loves stink, the stinkier the better. He's a dog. He can't help it.
Another good thing is that Cat is more active now. He's 15 and has been doing way too much lying around for the last year. He's lost weight but it's all muscle tone that went away. How do you exercise a house cat? Wash your paw, kitty. Good boy. Now he's got a reason to pounce and it's not too strenuous. All he has to do is glare and the Dog runs backwards. It's great!

Yep, Cat is getting downright tolerant of Dog. He might even start to accidentally like him some day.


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