Wednesday, December 07, 2005

As long as there are farm boys, there is hope

The town that I live in is, fortunately, still surrounded by a handful of farms that haven't been bought up by "developers" or "Multi-billionaire Auto Parts Magnates". Today I saw a lovely sight.

Big tractor rumbling through green light, and in the cab, dark haired young fella in a blue T-shirt. Must have been nice n warm in the cab of that tractor because he was wearing no coat. It's about -8C today. Nice arms too. He had a cellphone up to his ear. Ah, modern life.

He was not driving a John Deere but I will forgive him, because he was the real deal. How do I know? There was a plow hooked up to the back. He was really motoring too.

These guys are out plowing frozen fields. Oh my manly man heroes.


fatrobot said...

he might have been out to ram someones car

Heidi the Hick said...

around here, it would be some high end german car or overrated expensive japanese car. Take that Blake! And that Belinda! ah ha ha ha! Then heads back into the field feeling much better.