Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Gotta love farm boys

So I bought a couple of newspapers last night so the Boy could have some news to present at school. In The Toronto Star, I.D. section, there was a lovely article about young farmers. So naturally I skimmed through it (reading can really only be done when the kids are asleep or not home) I have to say it was a pretty good article although the part about never being totally clean didn't do much to advance the profession. Plus it isn't true. I go to church with a bunch of farmers and they're not only clean, they're decently dressed and smell nice.

Let's just talk about farm boys for a minute. Here are some of my favourites:

-Wesley, "Farm Boy" from one of the best movies ever made, The Princess Bride. Not only was he beautiful as the wind blew his innocent blonde hair from his forehead, he also looked damn fine in a pirate outfit. Ah, farmer and pirate. Thrown in cowboy and he'd be PERFECT. Sigh.

Ashton Kutcher. How can you argue with a name like Kutcher? Plus he's Man Pretty.

Viggo Mortenson. Ok I know, he's from Manhatten. But he just looks like he'd be good at farming. Picture the brown canvas Carhartt work jacket, slightly worn Pioneer Seed hat, navy work pants and work boots. He's got really gnarly hands. And he played an Amish guy in Witness.

My Dad. He actually is a good Mennonite boy. I may be a little biased but he's a good looking fella, plus he taught me most of what I know about style.

Jethro, on weekends, when we go away and act like farmers. Put that big guy in a pair of navy coveralls and rubber boots, then put a cordless drill in his hands and stand back. Nothing like a long haired metal head fixing things in the barn.

Isn't this fun? There are more, I just can't think of them all right now because the Dog is snoring so loud it's distracting me. I will be adding to my list of Favourite Farm Boys as we go, and if you think of any more, let me know, the more the better!

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