Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Why I hate Wal Mart

Aside from the fact that I was recently accosted by a greeter, who seemed to be offended by the fact that I did not know proper Store Entry Protocol, I find the place gruesomely overlit, crowded, offensively visually loud, and confusing to all other senses. Oh, and it also seems to always be full of unhealthy looking people who are wearing too much synthetic based clothing.

Yeah, I know it's cheap, but Zellers is almost as cheap, and honestly, HOW MUCH CHEAP CRAP DO WE REALLY NEED? There's a scary epidemic in North America called Clutter, and you know where clutter comes from? Wal Mart. Zellers. The Dollar Store. Home Depot. Need I go on?

On that happy note, I need to take the plastic skeleton out of my lilac tree now. I'd leave him up because he looks so cool, but I have to make room for the plastic lit up nativity scene. *

* I do not actually have a plastic nativity scene. I am hick, not tacky. I will admit to a small touch of goth in me, hence the skeleton in the tree and love of Tim Burton. And I can't see him shopping at Wal Mart. Except as a joke.

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