Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sweater wearing lap dog. I'm so embarrassed.

It's a lovely sunny fall day today, which is good because I could take my puppy outside without putting his very fashionable sweater on him. Yes, that's right, I broke down and got clothes for my dog. Stop laughing, ok, the poor little guy was shivering all week, and if felt sorry for him. I mean, he's just a baby! Fortunately, everyone else on the block thinks he's adorable in his little jacket. Which is good, because I thought for sure I'd get the crap beat of me, and the Dog, for looking like a couple of pansies. Where I come from, dogs do not wear sweaters, or live in houses, or for that matter, have to be bought. It's bad enough that I actually gave somebody money for this dog, let alone put a sweater on him!

But he really is adorable. If I get over myself for a minute I can even admit that he is really cute in his sweater. And he was worth every penny.

I wonder if anybody's making John Deere T shirts for tiny dogs? hee hee

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