Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oh, thank you Johnny. And it's NOT EVEN FRIDAY!

I can count on Johnny Depp to amuse and delight me.  These days, I really need some amusement and delight.

It's kind of ridiculous, right?  I'm pretty sure he had a little meeting with the costume department and it was like, "Listen, I can save us all a pile of money and hassle.  I'll just bring in a couple of things I had to get for awards shows…"  

I think this is pretty much his formal look, with extra hair.  And ears.  And a tail.  MAN I WISH I HAD A TAIL.

This whole Big Bad Wolf could possibly be a hassle for me.  I had the Captain Jack Sparrow thing down about as well as a short chick with no facial hair could get it (the mole whiskers don't count, shhhhhh.)  Then it was looking like I was going to have to go find a stuffed crow to park on my head for Halloween, and now I have to find a Brat Pack suit and glue fake wolf fur to it?  

Aw heck.  We never get any trick or treaters out here on the Ol Homestead.  

I often feel like Johnny just kind of digs in and finds whatever part of his many personalities he needs for work and sets it loose.  

That sounds like fun.  I'd try it but it would probably lead to my incarceration in a nice place run by people with soothing voices.  


Well, this seems like as good a time as any to throw myself a little cheering-up-party!

C'mooooon smile.  

He's looking for Booty Landlubber.  Hellooooo!

Oh Johnny.  You don't need to smoke.  You're hot enough already.  

Happy Wednesday I guess?


jules said...

Oh Yeah!!! Thanks for the Johnny fix. I knew you'd come through. Just saw the mag cover today as well. Whew, Big Bad Wolf...Come blow in my hut!! yum!

Paul Tee said...

I must admit that Johnny doesn't do much for me. But if it gets you up in the morning, adds zest to your coffee then by all means... indulge yourself. I am a firm believer of holding onto things that comfort and boost one's sense of self.

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